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Inquiry sent via pm.
Some very lovely stuff there. I have two questions before I get to buyin': (1) I've read that the fit of the Luxury Vintage stuff sometimes varies from the regular Borrelli. What would you say the average chest size is on the medium sweaters, particularly #554. (2) Why no pics of pant 2131? Any help will be much appreciated.
Quote: Originally Posted by topbroker I'm about 40 pages into Book Two. Interestingly, this is a book that Fitzgerald had a hard time deciding on the structure of: the first edition (and usual printed version) is non-chronological, but there is also a version printed in 1951, edited by Fitzgerald's friend Malcolm Cowley, that is chronological and incorporates FSF's plans for a revision that he never got to undertake. I had no idea. That is...
Quote: Originally Posted by topbroker As it happens, I'm also reading Tender Is the Night (among a number of other books). I won't be completely sure what I think till I'm done. If you like Fitzgerald, you must read his first book, This Side of Paradise, which is certainly one of the best college novels ever written. It sparkles. Thanks for the recommendation. I'll definitely give that one a look. And please keep me posted on your progress...
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I just finished Tender is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald. It was the only Fitzgerald I'd read besides Gatsby and I loved it. Truth be told, I'm a little sad to be done with it. Next I'd like to try either The Stranger by Albert Camus or a Patrica Highsmith book. It may be a while though. Work and social obligations promise to swallow me up for a few weeks.
Vague, I know, but I generally measure the knee about 13-14 inches from the crotch bottom. I'm really just trying to gauge how slim or baggy the pants will be.
hi, could you give knee and cuff width measurements for 5 and 6 if still available?
Could you please give measurements of the width across the knee and cuff of the Incotex chinos if they're still available?
Quote: Originally Posted by robin Warm weather with colored chinos. They're not that much different from ribbon belts. Thank you.
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