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I generally dislike these kinds of threads, but I am a desperate man. I have been ordering MTM shirts and tweaking the measurements to eliminate fit problems. But one thing I cannot seem to eliminate is bunching around the upper back. Below I have included pictures of the problem in multiple shirts. Any suggestion or advice you can give me will me greatly appreciated.
Nice. That kid from Sidney at 2:41 cracks me up.
I just ruined a pair of lovely chino linos in the wash somehow. I pulled them out of the machine and they were flecked with white, like I'd drizzled them with bleach. So, to console myself in this time of loss, I thought I'd ask you, who've been handling fine clothing much longer than me: what wonderful pieces of clothing have you lost over the years and how did you loose them? By chance? By another's incompetence? Or, as in my case, by your own?
The trousers were just dropped on my doorstep. They are gorgeous and well-packaged. It was a pleasure buying from you.
PM sent on #5.
Quote: Originally Posted by jonglover Stayed in tonight and watched Le Corbeau, Clouzot's anti-fascist thriller that, even ignoring the subtext, is a pretty gripping film. And Ginette Leclerc was so beautiful. I watched Le Corbeau for the first time not a week ago and really enjoyed it. And you're right on both counts: the plot was engaging and Leclerc, limp or no limp, was a sight to see.
I too have ordered from Nialma. As coogie says, their customer service is great and their turn-around time is exceptional. The fit, too, is good: if you give them the proper measurements, they'll follow them exactly. But the quality of their shirts--or, at least, of the shirt they made for me--is poor. MOP buttons come standard on all their shirts, but the ones they use are paper thin: I am no shirt-construction expert, but the stitching looks very poor to me. It's...
I've just begun re-reading Dante's La Vita Nuova and am really enjoying it. I highly recommend it to anyone who has any interest in anything. If you have an interest in love, you will doubtless find it profitable to compare Dante's highly idealized version of love to your own experiences. What do you gain by not allowing yourself do die upon a woman's mere look, as Dante allows himself to do? What do you lose? If you care more about writing and the poetic process, you...
I went to the pool yesterday and carried with me the usual stuff: sunblock, book, towel, etc. But I found myself fumbling around with all these things something terrible. I used to just chuck all this stuff in an enormous beach bag my ex used to carry with her. But, alas! she has taken her bag and gone home. So I ask: what can a single man like myself use to store and carry all his poolside accessories? What do you use?
I also got my three pairs in today. They're lovely and were very well-packaged. Much obliged, chorse123.
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