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I love the original Connections series. To me it's aged extremely well. The way Burke traces the connection between historical events down through time (for example from the invention of money in ancient times to the the advent of the lateen sail in the Middle Ages to the nuclear bomb in modern times) is so entertaining and so instructive in regard to human actions and unintended consequences.Another thing I like how he puts inventions and ideas into context and shows...
^ damn guy are you Tony Robbins? Anyway, I was in a similar situation once. Really, what are your options? Sabotage the new guy? Go into overdrive kiss-ass mode? Or just do your job well and be personable? For me the least unpalatable was option number three. It worked out fine.
^ I use feather too. Way better than any other blade I've tried. To the OP: I've used a Merkur for 8-9 years now. For me way better (and cheaper) than electric or multi-blade razors. My only problem is that I can't pack the blades for it in a carry-on, and sometimes I have a hard time finding them at whatever place I'm flying to.
In the Army, for officers at least, it's pretty much a career ender. I assume it carries over.
No. Wasn't sure if I should. So far I've tried not to diverge from the instructions on the website.
Can anyone help me with a return? I requested return instructions three days ago and have not heard anything yet.
While not exclusively about the conflict, Robert Fisk's documentary From Beirut to Bosnia gives a pretty novel view (well, novel for someone living in the US) of the fight between the Israelis and the Palestinians. A good book about the subject as it relates to the US is The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy, which gives a history of the conflict as it relates to the United States and examines how the conflict has been portrayed to US citizens over the years.
I switched to this a while back. Really helped be write more neatly. There are a few books on it, but this website is actually much better than any of them that I've encountered: http://briem.net/
^Pretty much second what he said, with a few additions. The South Austin neighborhoods are definitely where it's at for proximity to restaurants and food. But it's kinda pricey down there and overrun with hipsters. Same with the east side, like he mentioned. But "Slowly getting safer" is a little misleading. It's safe. People aren't getting shot constantly down there or anything. And lots of new cool new restaurants and bars are popping up over there. I lived in south...
Oh ok, makes sense. Thanks.
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