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Ah well, good to know it's not just me, at least. Thanks!
Hi All, Curious what your recent experience has been with turnaround time. My past orders have been fulfilled fairly quickly (as in less than a month). But my most recent order just seems to be sitting there. Wondering if things have slowed down recently for others.
WordI have a snake plant in my office. Don't know if I'm secure enough to rock a rosemary plant.
Latest batch of Luxire shirts came in. Very satisfied. And production/delivery time is still very fast: 23 March Order placed 03 April Order shipped 07 April Order received And for the handful of people complaining about email responsiveness, are you insane? Have you dealt with any other MTM service? Look: you are getting a custom-made shirt with good fabric, thick buttons, and whatever little details you want for like $70. And what's more, you get it fast. At that price...
No need to get snotty.
Watched Hitchcock the other day. Really didn't like it. In addition to being boring, it really didn't delve into Hitchcock's character or the making of Psycho, which is what anybody who would watch a movie called Hitchcock would take an interest in. Instead the movie focused on his wife and how she gave him all his ideas and provided moral support for him and dabbled with the idea of having an affair with Danny Huston. Occasionally the movie threw in pointless scenes of...
Link Really shocking if true. Apparently he was having trouble with heroine.
Really? I thought the first two were entertaining, but I didn't care for the last one. [[SPOILER]]
Can anybody say how the fit of the cotton pocket sweater compares to the fit of last season's alpaca wool version? No measurements online yet.
^ Ever heard of the magic word, guy? Also why not read this thread? Plenty of solid recommendations made already.
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