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 Glad we could help you out! Phil is a workaholic, he picks up customer care phone calls at 2 AM, much to the surprise of the customer on the line who was mentally running through the voicemail he was going to leave. Anywho, thanks for the feedback and let us know if you ever need anything. R
 Thanks for the detailed feedback. We are working on a smaller size, which should be out this year.  R
 In the mail, enjoy!
 GREAT question. When you air dry clothing, there are two primary culprits when it comes to stiffness: detergent and static position. When your socks come out of the washing machine, there are trace amounts of detergent embedded in them. This, combined with the fact that your socks remain in one position (as opposed to being tumbled around in the dryer), causes the fibers to somewhat lock in place, giving you that "stiff" feeling. I can't speak for every sock out there,...
 You got it, sorry for the delay. Your socks have already gone out! P
 Got it. This is something we're exploring right now and super excited about. Here's a little preview of a random sampling: 
 Awesome. Enjoy! We're aiming for a March launch for our Spring 2014 collection. Lots of new patterns and colorways. Always curious to hear the answer to this - what's your favorite pattern (that we don't have)? P
 Got it! You should receive your socks toward the middle of next week.P
We are based in Washington, DC. We make our socks right outside of Seoul. We do ship internationally  P
New Posts  All Forums: