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PM sent on "B".
Floris of London No 89 EdT (old stock). A touch of unchanged elegance.
You can also check with Lee (www.leesrazors.com) in NY. Great selection of authentic Merkur shaving products. He is a wonderful gentleman & vendor. Ships worldwide, to the best of my knowledge. Hope that helps.
Truefitt & Hill Almond shaving cream would be quite luxurious choice as days are getting colder slowly...
Montale Crystal Aoud. Quite pleasant.
Any possible recommendations for matching a nice pair of British-made moleskin trousers (in light blue) with the appropriate stylish shirt / sweater / shoes? Thanks...
Gentlemen, Has anyone already tried the latest export release from Serge Lutens (Serge Noire)? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks...
PM sent on #45 & 46. Thank you.
PM sent on number 17. Thanks.
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