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Gentlemen, I wonder if anyone here would be kind enough to recommend a couple of places in Chicago for purchasing really good quality RTW shoes (Edward Green, John Lobb etc). Actually, this short note goes on behalf of my very good friend over there (who happens to be a writer), not myself. His possible spending budget for such pair of shoes would be up to $900 - $1,000. Thanks for any practical input in advance.
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Floris of London No 89 EdT (old stock). A touch of unchanged elegance.
You can also check with Lee ( in NY. Great selection of authentic Merkur shaving products. He is a wonderful gentleman & vendor. Ships worldwide, to the best of my knowledge. Hope that helps.
Truefitt & Hill Almond shaving cream would be quite luxurious choice as days are getting colder slowly...
Montale Crystal Aoud. Quite pleasant.
Any possible recommendations for matching a nice pair of British-made moleskin trousers (in light blue) with the appropriate stylish shirt / sweater / shoes? Thanks...
Gentlemen, Has anyone already tried the latest export release from Serge Lutens (Serge Noire)? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks...
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