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Simpsons are truly iconic shaving brushes. I'd never use anything else. All my several Simpsons Best are from Somerset era, though.
Look forward to your further comments, DJosef. Thank you.
Thank you, Sander. If so, I may be willing to go up to 450-500 euros. Are there any particular places for finding good leather jackets in Berlin that you'd recommend to visit, anyway? Thanks again.
I shall be visiting Berlin in early October. Looking to get real quality (German-made) leather jacket while there. Preferably vintage, although a brand new one would be considered, too. The spending budget could be up to 350 euros if it helps. Can anyone recommend a good place to look? Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by His Nibs The construction of Dupont pens is truly outstanding. Not being primarly a pen company, they really put a lot of actual pen companies to shame. I've always loved the snick of the cap as it re-sets on the pen's barrel. It reminds me of closing the door of a very fine automobile. :-) Absolutely true. That kind of sound is exceedingly pleasant. Very "S.T. Dupont" style.
Quote: Originally Posted by 69clyde Very good pen, although I don't own any snap enclosure fountain pens as I prefer screw enclosure. The nib is 14k gold whereas the Mont Blanc is gold/platinum with the screw enclosure. My experience is important (obviously) but the most important is the channeling of the nib..I.e. How the ink arrives from the bladder (whether cartridge or otherwise) to the tip of the nib and the ink quality. The...
Quote: Originally Posted by 69clyde They are very good, but giving the choice, I would elect for the S.T. Dupont or Cartier... Still, for me, nothing exceeds Mont Blanc for some one of middle class means. How would you rate the S.T. Dupont Fidelio fountain pen (with M nib) then? Thanks in advance.
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If you really would like to explore completely different 'universe' (and not only high-end traditional shaving creams), then try to take a closer look at "Reviews - Badger & Blade". You shouldn't be disappointed. Enjoy.
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