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Can you post some pictures?
You pay shipping.
Up for sale is a great pair of Gustin Fourteener raw denim in excellent lightly used condition. Been worn roughly 10 times exclusively to school and church, so they are in great shape with minimal fading. I'd love to keep them, but they're a little too small in the waist, so I figured I'd pass them on to someone who will get better wear out of them than I will. Please let me know if you have any questions. Waist 16.25" Thigh 11" Knee 8" Cuff 7.25" Link to product page:...
GUSTIN Japan Double Black in a 32 straight.Shipped to you in the US at $95. Never worn, they are just too similar to another pair I already own.Pictures: http://imgur.com/a/ZTdtTThis style uses a dark black warp woven with a black weft. The result is a highly saturated black fabric when raw. It’s only as the fabric wears in that you begin to see white showing through and it ages to a really beautiful charcoal finish. It’s a dense 13.5oz weight.To keep the dark look going...
Beautiful denim, unwashed and brand new jeans made by Gustin in San Francisco, CA. Price includes shipping. I'm open to offers to trade as well. These Super Lights were a limited release (as are all Gustin jeans). They are made of a 9.0oz Japanese raw selvage denim with a cool yellow ID. Made for summer temperatures, these are much lighter weight than your typical denim. I tried them on to get the measurements for the hemming but then realized after I got them back that...
Awesome pic, thanks for sharing. Nice combo too.
I too found my Super Lights a bit looser than any of the denim I have at 13 oz. and above. I'd say the lighter the denim the more give you'll get from it.
For sale or trade - one new pair of the Gusitin #37 Super Light jeans in a 32 straight. https://www.weargustin.com/store/66 They had 2 inches taken off the length by AB Fits so it still has the chain stitching.
I sent my Grey Silks and Super Lights there this week and am looking forward to seeing the results.
So why would one mail their denim away to get them hemmed rather than taking them to the local tailor shop?Also do you think going with the original hem is the way to go or does it matter?
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