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        All, Hello.My son and I sewed three pairs of identical workpieces uppers, photos of the two finished pairs I posted above.In both cases, the workpiece is sewn round by a double seam, where the heels from a pair of balsa wood and covered with brown leather, and the other pair of stacked heel with an insert made of balsa wood.With its lightness the rear of the two pairs looks a bit cumbersome .So this pair I double stitched seam only a little further...
If on the previous photos of red low shoes the heel was made of a pith tree and will fit skin, on these photos I applied a hollow type-setting heel with an insert from a pith tree.
Excuse me,is a very poor translation.
The handbag is made of a genuine leather. All the seams are made by hand without using a sewing-machine. The handles are sewn like it was on the famouse handbag Birkin by Hermes, besides they looks like a leather steering wheel which is used to be in the expensive cars. And the most difficult items are formed molded corners.​​​​​​​
http://www.styleforum.net/t/122529/bespoke-shoes-in-warsaw-critique-plese-pics    found all photos on it a forum (sf)
These photos I want to show conscientious work of the Polish master. If you don't see it....
Many owners of the well-known English shoe firms and studio, for the sake of profit, operate the well-known names more than 100 years acquired by honest work. Clients buying and ordering English footwear, believe that will receive the product best in the world. Even if in manual production of footwear to replace skin with plastic, productivity can be increased at 10-15 times. And if not to do yet загибку as on a photo above, productivity can be increased still at 5-10...
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