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I apologize while it is impossible to me with the translation.   DWFII,Ya used other translator and more attentively looked at a photo.But then stitches on a welt will be different in length and strongly to differ from each other and length of a stitch will be too big. Or it will be necessary to reduce stitch length on an insole that will also lead to weakening of the general design.
 The insole on your photo is similar to insoles for mechanical sewing of a welt.​​​​
Only at such scheme of preparation of an insole for sewing of a welt, the highest elasticity of footwear is reached. Such scheme demands from the master of big accuracy and professionalism.  
        All, Hello.My son and I sewed three pairs of identical workpieces uppers, photos of the two finished pairs I posted above.In both cases, the workpiece is sewn round by a double seam, where the heels from a pair of balsa wood and covered with brown leather, and the other pair of stacked heel with an insert made of balsa wood.With its lightness the rear of the two pairs looks a bit cumbersome .So this pair I double stitched seam only a little further...
If on the previous photos of red low shoes the heel was made of a pith tree and will fit skin, on these photos I applied a hollow type-setting heel with an insert from a pith tree.
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