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Tim, the short answer is no. I'm on my phone replying now so at the moment unable to post updated photos of wear but I'm blown away, they're beautiful. I'll tell you this, the products have all worn and aged beautifully and have never felt uncomfortable or bulky and have all formed to my personal use perfectly. Constant conpliments
I'm using the long wallet for day to day for now so that's where the $$$ is going for now. Got the slim wallet for those occasions when a big bulky wallet wouldn't be appropriate, formal occasions and the like. I still can't get over the quality, the feel, and the smell of the leather.
Card case/slim wallet
Long wallet interior
Pics of long wallet
North Star Leather. Discovered them thru a great deal of research into American handmade leather artisan goods. Natural leather is not an option on any of their items but I emailed them and they happily obliged to produce a bracelet, card case/slim wallet, and long trucker wallet in an open grain natural leather for me at no additional charge. The quality is top notch. Here are the items brand new. I'll update with wear. The long wallet is already picking up some slight...
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