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Quote: Originally Posted by duckdown Kiya any ETA on a skull restock?? Quote: Originally Posted by kiya Big Dry Bones restock is coming October 20th. Skull is coming November 15th or so..they're having production issues. From a couple pages back.
Jeans look good.
Seeing the lack of entries, I decided to throw something up together quickly, especially since it's very cool of Mauro to do something like this. Mine fails to capture the spirit of Fred Perry, and probably has nothing to do with it, but whatever. Good luck, guys.
Quote: Originally Posted by g transistor I paid full price for that jacket and I love it to death. I couldn't be happier with it, and lots of people ask me where I got it. Which size did you get? The only thing that stops me from buying it is that it doesn't seem to fit very slim in the arms.
Tomorrow is a month with these, so here are some pictures, even though there's not much going on other than some very slight fading behind the knees.
Thanks for the comments, guys. Quote: Originally Posted by Crazy Fit looks good, how did you size? Went true to size, which is the smallest size they had anyway.
Fit pics of my ST-100x that I got in the mail today. These are my first pair of raw denim, so I'm pretty excited. They fit a little tight, but I'm sure they'll stretch out.
This was posted by a fellow member quite a while ago. If done correctly I think it works.
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug I hate this movie.
PM sent on Esef
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