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OK, let me make a quick edit.
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I didn't take any pictures. Well if my thread is inappropriate or incomplete in any way do feel free to delete it.
Hello all, Sorry I have no photos to show, somehow I didn't think of taking any pictures. I was recently told by my tailor that a shorter jacket makes a short man look taller. I am quite short already but my most of my height comes from my torso. my legs are slightly shorter than my torso. I disagreed with him as the jacket he had made for me was much too short. Unfortunately he was quite adamant that the length was fine. The jacket didn't quite cover my ass and only...
Hello and thank you for the kind response sstomcat. Hopefully I'll be able to find quality shoe trees here at a reasonable price. I'm not entirely sure where to look though. I'm from Singapore if it helps, maybe someone will know where I can get some here. I'm going out in a few days so I'll keep a look out for trees and polishes. 
Hello all   Finally decided to join after reading this thread for awhile. I just have a couple of questions.   I purchased a pair of Clarks just three days back. They're a very nice tan colour, nothing terribly expensive or fancy, and I like them very much. Also because they aren't very expensive it won't hurt as much if I fuck them up by accident. As these are my first pair of "proper" shoes you can likely imagine how nervous I am about wearing them. I've since read...
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