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I hope we will see t-shirts in sand or dune colorway in SS15
Free 5.0 is one of my favorite soles ever. There has to be a reason why it is on so many HTM releases.
I have these and navy with red laces and grey SP and all blue ones. I regret I didn't cop black pair and all navy SP pair.
innevas are always a good choice! One of my favorite sneakers Nike put out in last years.
I am size 10,5 in AF1 and 11 in everything else. I suggest you to go with size 10 in flyknit racer or flyknit trainer.
perfect! nothing yet on european online stores, so I hope they will change that soon.
Will it be available only at US GAP or also in Europe?
go small, for sure.
No, rebel hoodie is not my style. And I wear hoodies in L.
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