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Honestly I think S in anti expo looks better on you. Maybe is just the angle tho.
@kjschultz size down for sure
I think official release date is March 9th
Nike Lunar Caldra is very solid shoe for gym and training. I am using them for like 6 months now I am super happy with them.
Still have:   - Raw Edge Reglan Hoodie - OAK - Size L / 3 - $145 - Oversize Cropped Crewneck - Washed Black - Size L / 3 - $115 - Anti Expo Tee - Maroon - Size L / 3 - $45 - Classic Crew - Sage - Size L / 3 - $45   All items are brand new without tags, as tags were removed for transport from USA to EU.   Add for shipping, can do bulk deal to save on shipping and I give some extra discount.
Haven't been there for 2 days and like 330 new posts?! What the fuck happened?   Also I see u-neck are coming in watching water colors as model is wearing it under oversizes cropped hoodie in natural...   How is the fit of the new oversizes cropped hoodies? I have some washed OS hoodies but they drape a little weird because material is so thin. Kake is still my favorite hoodie. I haven't tried mercer half zip tho. Is the fit more like kake or more like raw edge hoodie?
White anti expo soon I guess.  
that is some boot high or super high not the classic dunk high.
I wish those RT Dunks were Hi's not Mids
Also available:- Black Raw edge hoode size L- Oak Raw edge hoode size L Both brand new without tags. PM me if you are interested.
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