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@tokyocean was fair and returned all the money I paid for shorts I unfortunately never get. But everything allright at the end.
@JohnElliottCo please make lima shorts in same color as midnight escobar sweats for next summer collection! That would be too awesome!
people who had to pay for import duties or taxes are mainly located in Europe. So we will see if I will be lucky enough to get thru without paying extra money.
Finally got Lima shorts today. I went with size M after spekiang with Mike and I have to say that the fit is excatly what I was looking for! Can't be happier. But the problem is I will have to get the other CW now.
are they still available somewhere?
Are RT mids in white maybe still available anywhere?
no, it is full inseam rolled up.
I will order one tee in M just to see the fit. I can't say if they stretch in waist as they were already a little roomy in waist for me, but tight in thighs :D If I could choose I would get the same size with adjusted waist haha my problem is that I have strong legs and all pants always fit me tight in leghs and roomy in waist. Have to skip few leg days ;)
Please tell me shorts are size L! I got cobalt denim. I wear all jeans always size 32", I ordered cobalt in size 31" and they were really tight fit, but after wearing them few times they stratched so they are perfect fit now. You can se the fit on the photo below. Curve U-neck tee size L and the cast cobalt in 31 P.S. I wear size L in u-neck tee, do you think I should go for size M next time? I am 5'11" and 172lbs 
will mercer tee in M looking good with villain in L or it won't look out enough?
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