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you ordered on august 13th 2013?
Didn't know these 2 shops stock JE! Are there any more EU stockist?
I think Rigas should be longer. I have all grey one and the fit is good, but it is too short imo. I have all my flash dual zips and villains in L and are longer than Riga. 
 Rue hoodie looks really nice on Kyrie!
Yes, finally! I am waiting for my TOJ0 now. I hope I will have a chance to buy suiting wool MA-1 in the future. Really love DR I got.
Finally came in today. It is second hand, but fits perfect. I had to pull the trigger cause there is not a lot of DRs in 52... I wish zippers were silver, but otherwise great jacket. If I had one more shot I would go for the same jacket in black calf with silver zippers.  
 so at least 3 TOJ0 from August '13 waiting to be shipped.
I hope Distorb is taking notes.
Next week I am hitting month numero 20 for my TOJ0. I always wanted DR 2010 in black calf, but decided to get TOJ0 first, to see the fit. So when I realized I will probably never own the jacket I really wanted I bought DR 2010 in black lamb. It was worn, but I think that won't be a problem cause it is almost impossible to find a DR in 50 or 52 these days...
very nice!
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