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I've just realized I am over 15 months and 1 week mark...
I got my pair for retail in my local store. I will get them in hands on 28th.
or are they just so ugly nobody wants them.
Finally innevas! I like how the cream color looks in daylight photos. But the rumors are there are 3 colorways... The third should be all white...
how limited they are.
It was easy cop in Europe.
thanks for letting me know! So I hope I will get at least 10% off somewhere. I should get that as a loyal costumer and brand supporter for a long time. :)
is any american holiday or anything coming in next 7-10 days? It will be nice if any JE retailers will have any promo codes available in that time. A friend of mine will be in NYC and I can order to her address and she will get me stuff to Europe without expensive import charges and shipping so I have to stock up.
I am interested aswell!
New Posts  All Forums: