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I am wondering about that too. 8/17/2013 TOJ0 
if only they had size L
I am waiting to get my TOJ0, but I am not in the batch that was shipped I guess, because I didn't get any tracking email or anything. Even if I think I am in the group of first 15 TOJ0s that weren't shipped yet. Still thinking about getting a wool MA-1 and a leather MA-1 when I get the TOJ0.
I hope you are joking. You won't get multicolor racers under $300. And $300 is a good price...
you have to wear underwear.
WTF happened to this thread?! Wasn't there for about 20 hours and almost 300 new posts?!   People have to chill out.   And good to hear that some TOJ0 were shipped today. I hope my jacket will be shipped soon too.
Long sleeve U-Neck Tee!
I have all hoodies in size L and the fit is basically the same. Villan Crew, Hooded Villain, Dual Flash Zip and Riga Hoddie. Need to get burgundy villain hoodie asap. 
I prefer slim fitted hoodie. Here is one photo from ealy this year when I get this quilted villain crew. It is really slim if the zippers are fully zipped and on this photo is already stretched because when first tried on it was really slim fit. I don't have any other photo at the moment.
I also suggest you to go for L in hoodie. I am 5'11 and 175 and villain in L fits me perfect. I also have all tees in L but they fit more loose than hoodie and this is just how I wanted. M would be skin tight in hoodie.
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