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it is this one https://www.johnelliott.co/collections/outerwear/products/quentin-jacket-alpine
Kake Mock by far my favorite terry JE piece
yes I prefer a little more loose and elongated fit on tees but hoodies (flash dueal zip and villain) in L are slim fir for me tho. Only these new oversized models are relaxed as it should be and I don't size down as many people do. 
I have the same numbers as you with athletic upper body and I wear everything JE in L =)
This is the FW Acne Black Blouson MA1 bomber. It is nice jacket, I think very similar to rudy, just different material and some minor differences on the back. It is different bomber than Bogata, but I think I prefer JE in that case. Shiny bomber is a lot more style. But on these photos also APC looks great.  http://graduatestore.fr/en/coat-jacket/5812-apc-blouson-ma-1-noir.html 
I think I will go for these for winter
I think it was me :) I have last season Selo Bomber which was a little more padded and puffy that the new one, but sizing should be the same. I am size L in JE and have Selo in 48 and it is still not slim fit, but I think it is just the style of the jacket.  I think you should go with 46.
Bogota bombers look so good on JE photos. Might cop black and oak. Damn!  
So you suggest to go with true JE size in the Bogata bomber? I am 5'11 and around 177 with athletic body - big chest and shoulders. Should I go with my usual size 3 as I have all my t-shirts and hoodies, or should I size up to 4?
I think the price is why I consider giving it a try in black. It seem very good jacket for the price if you are looking for a clean black bomber. I hope black will be available somewhere in Europe so I can give it a try. Don't want to mess with international returns in case I don't like it. Sizing is TTS?
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