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scar tank from season 1 I think. They said it will come back this year.
If you think you will find Mercurials for retail anywhere... Good luck.
Actually HTM version are only Volt and Black pair from last year. These grey and navy are actually SP, not HTM. There is no HTM branding on them and they were not listed as HTM on Nike Store.
black dropped last summer. yesterday were dark grey and navy.
Get ready to be dissapointed on Mercurial Superfly release if you don't have an ATC
I think it won't go in the pocket of the backpack if I put it in the sleeve. I don't really worry because I never throw the backpack anywhere if I had a laptop in it. If you are just a little more careful it shouldn't be a problem.
I am selling John Elliott +CO The Cast raw denim in Cobalt wash. Worn max 5 times. In perfect condition. Size 31" with shortened inseam to 30".   This wash is sold out right now and retail was $225. I am selling for $115 shipped worldwide.   Feel free to DM me for any questions.
This one is black leather. It has a sleeve where I carry my MBP 15" but the sleeve is unpadded so there is no protection really. few sall pockets inside and thats it. noting much to say. Quality is great for that price.
Interesting, because these cost 150€ in Europe, but I am sure they are not worh even that much.
What do you want to see?
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