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Next week I am hitting month numero 20 for my TOJ0. I always wanted DR 2010 in black calf, but decided to get TOJ0 first, to see the fit. So when I realized I will probably never own the jacket I really wanted I bought DR 2010 in black lamb. It was worn, but I think that won't be a problem cause it is almost impossible to find a DR in 50 or 52 these days...
very nice!
you couldn't say it better. Go out and see the world, meet new people, make new friends, have fun, eat good food, fuck a lot and do something for yourself and you will be happy. A lot happier than when you get new jacket or sneakers.
What size is MA-1?
I have a hope since August 7th 2013 lol
so nice! It looks like MA-1 batch was shipped out 
Ronnie Fieg teased these photos from lookbook. Expect the full lookbook to be online until Friday. I guess.
these are very interesting
scar tank from season 1 I think. They said it will come back this year.
If you think you will find Mercurials for retail anywhere... Good luck.
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