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because it was limited edition capsule collction.
I have to admit that contrast silver zippers on black clash crew look really nice in my opinion and they made that piece really special. Other coloways just don't do it for me. Maybe charcoal, but the black is stand out piece. So I think that clash in black will be my only terry piece from new collection + another pair of escobars in grey + have to stock few more white and black u-neck and try the new dune cw.
yeah, fragment x aj 1 black toe
they will officially release worldwide on January 15th
few EU stockist released them back in december the same time as desert and dark loden cw. but that were only 3-5 shops. That's why you can already find few pairs on ebay.
You had issues with Dune terry? That was my favorite color of terry pieces in the collection.
220 I guess.
it is confirmed they are not Tisci collab.
I am searching sales if I can get roccia vet in coffee cw anywhere... but I would also take Firenze for a good price.
  I got that leather killspencer daypack because I missed TOJ daypack order time-frame. But I couldn't be happier with Killspencer. It also looks more premium imo. But people have different taste. 
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