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I finally got my sprayed black classic crew. Man that is super thin and soft tee. I really like it a lot but fit is a lot slimmer than normal right? Because I wear L in u-necks and M in tanks and that sprayed crew tee is super slim. I wish they had sprayed u-necks tho. Is the fabric on washed tees the same as on normal tees or also super thin like on sprayed tees?   If anyone would like to get black sprayed crew neck tee for retail shipped please let me know!
King celebrating in Lima shorts too  
Lima shorts still my favorite JE shorts to date. I have 4 of them.
JR celebrating in some JE sweats
this is how I am in scar tank from last year and mercer tank - size smaller than tees. Probably cause I have wide shoulders I need L in Tees otherwise it looks to tight. But in tanks shoulders are free and chest is perfect slim fit in M. I just remember some guy wrote long ago in this tread that curve tank fits smaller than scar tank from last year. I just can't find the post.Different people with different suggestions. Most of people size down in tanks or go with the same...
I got thermal shorts and thermal tanks. Hope they will fit fine.    I am still wondering about sizing on curve tanks, but it looks like that nobody owns it?
Nobody with Scar Tan from last season and new curve tank to compare?
I am getting frustrated how cheap can people from USA get CP sneakers from EU, but for us that are located in EU it is impossible to get any good deal on CP... I am looking for white bball lows and can't find them at discounted price...
How is sizing on Curve Tank compare to last year scar tank? I wear everything JE (t-shirts, villain hoodie, flash dual zip, kake mock) size 3 - Large, but Scar tank and mercer tank I prefer in size 2 - Medium. So I am wondering if new Curve Tank fits the same as last year Scar Tank or smaller? 
If anyone find and Yves Salomon Fur lined Parka on sale please hit me up. 
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