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@srizvi722 great fit! SLP Varsity? Sneakers are great contrast!
I would never take the jacket, but overall look is solid. Jacket goes well with other pieces and the guy looks like he is ready to fight James Bond in the Mountains. 
I like these few looks. Few bombers and hoodies are looking strong!
Varsity Jacket with Leather sleeves and wool body Brand new, never worn, with original tags - Retail was $790 in USA and around 600€ in Europe     Selling for $550 shipped WorldWide. Shipping is from Europe.     Accepting only verified Paypal account   If you have any more questions PM me.
Don't want to spam here but last call. For sale are some Hoodies that I haven’t worn in last 6 months or more. All are still in great condition.   Hooded Villain OG grey - Large - $110 shipped WW Hooded Villain Black - Large - $110 shipped WW Villain Crew with quilting on the back from first season OG grey - Large - $80 shipped WW
shiiit $$$$
I will forever regret I was to late for Kake Mock
where did you catch kake mock restock?!
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