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all whites are nice. 
Just saw on ebay, people trying to resell hoodies and sweats for twice the retail. lol
That blue bomber jacket looks SO GOOD !
So from that I would assume that GQ x JE sizing is to go 1 size down from JE sizing. Because I am 5'11" and 175 and I have villain/flash/riga hoodies all in L and are slim fit. And that on the photo is M...So I will try and order few GAP x JE tees in M and hope they will fit well.
Jeans is not available on gap.eu :/ do you guys suggest to go the same size in tees or size up/down?
It is already up on gap.com but there is no advertising on gap.eu. There were few ads on gap.com more than a week ago.
Collection still not up on gap.eu. @JohnElliottCo do you have any informations when it will be available?
I am 5'11" and 175 and I have strong legs as I played soccer for over 15 years every day and I went with medium and the fit is perfect, not to loose.
@Joona  so beautiful jacket!
I will do the same!
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