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Looks great and also the whole fit is on point! Thanks! You the G!
Appreciate it! 
how is the quality on the beanie? wear it with a thumper and bless as with complete look photo
I wish JE styled lookbook for Mr.P capsule collection. Photos don't do the justice for some items. Those light wash denim somebody posted few page ago are beautiful. Also wanna see how the beanie fits. Also, can other users confirm what @walt143JE said about classic curves? I am still waiting to get mine.
There is normal Black Bogota in M available on Mr Porter. Probably last Medium Black Bogota on the planet.
Are the Classic Curve tees from MRP capsule collection normal material or comix?   EDIT: Nevermind, it is "normal" material which I prefer over co-mix for daily wear. Already ordered.
I know it has been answered already but still not really sure about sizing on Chelsea Boots. Some guys size up from their achilles or BBal size and some take the same size. I am US 11 in all sneakers and wear 43 in Achilles and BBall lows. Should I take 43 in Chelseas or go with 44. They run pretty narrow so I am thinking about sizing up, but 44 in CP sneakers is too long for me. Unfortunately I have no chance to try the chelseas anywhere so hoping you can help me.
Just dropped 2 racks on sale. Mostly t-shirts. also grabbed 3 oversized hoodies and 2 raw edge hoodies total. That happens when EU people are coming to USA and don't have to pay extra shipping and crazy import charges. FML   Now waiting to see other weekend special drops.
If I wear size L in Villain, Flash, Kake, and all tees, should I go with the same size oversized cropped hoodie?
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