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I just put my info in that TOJ new master google sheets. I hope it will help. Still waiting on my 8/17/2013 TOJ0
I am US 11 in almost everything and 44 is to big for me, but I am afraid that 43 would be to tight as achilles are narrow in the toebox area.
I am selling Brand New never worn Common Projects Achilles Retro Low in size US 11 - EU 44. I am selling cause they are too big for me and need to get 1 size smaller.   I am located in Slovenia, Europe.   Price is $300 shipped Worldwide via priority mail international with tracking via PayPal invoice.   I can mark package as low value to avoind any import charges if you are located outside Europe.   DM me if you have any other questions.
Dust collection is LIT            
new products launching next week for RodenGray capsule collection 
I was thinking about IISE but decided for Killspencer DayPack and I love it.
Can somebody please explain what happened here in last week and why the thread exploded and has 1500 new posts in that time? I don't have time to read all of them...   Thank you!
I can't get any more pairs. And I didn't get 8,5.
Haven't been there for over a week and 1500 new posts?! What the fuck happened?
I got few here in Europe. Luckily. Helping out friends in USA.
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