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This is the real deal!  
on their instagram profile. P.S. I still hope they will make a long sleeve u-neck tee from french terry one day...
As I already own gre villain hoodie an crewneck + riga and black villain hoodie and flash dual zip, I got grey dual zip from JE sale and it is thinner fabric than on black one, but I love it. I have to get dark grey villain and flash + pitch black and sand villain. And can't wait for than new hoodie from SS collection to drop. And regret that I didn't cop clash crew in midnight cw. I never had a hoodie that would fit me so nice as John Elliot hoodies do.
if you have a change grab adidas pure boost, you won't regret it. I don't like Adidas shoes, because I prefer the aesthetics of Nike sneakers and also few pairs of Air Jordan 1 in the closet. But I really love pure boost midsole.
This is so nice. And below is the photo they show us of the cast in cobalt when worn for a little more than half a year. Really beautiful. This photo made me buy them. I put them on for max 5 times. But I have too many pairs of jeans and I wear different almost every day, so I don't think I will ever see that fade on mine.  So I decided to sell them - The cast in cobalt, size 31, with shortened inseam. Willing to sell for $130 + shipping. DM me if interested.
Frament 1's are going to be a problem.
jacket looks amazing!
but they should have kept them until than. They will be available in many more NikeLab stockist and on nike.com worldwide on 1/15/15
they will drop on 1/15/15
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