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I really like that bomber. It will be very hard decision between wool bomber and sand stadium jacket. @victoorious what size bomber did you get? I am 5'11 and around 170 lbs and I wear everything L. But hoodies are very slim in shoulders and chest. I am afraid bomber will be too tight in L, but not sure if XL will be too big. And returns are not really an options as I am located in Europe.
Damn! In am in first 30 in spreadsheet and no status on it. The cell is just empty. lolI still have hope. One more month until cold weather.
Ca you post a pic if you took it?
August 17th 2013
Nice! I hope I get that notice soon
Damn, I am August 17th order and still no jacket!
Are these the pants model is wearing in that GQ video?
Thanks for all that, but I am located in Europe. I got that a pair in white/green for 154€ shipped about a month back but would love to get a pair in different cw or even the same cw for price like that. for around $300 I purchased baby blue cw.
Thanks, but I need mens 10,5 :)
any store with some adidas x raf simons stans smiths on sale?
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