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I think I want the trucker in the new charcoal colour! Good to hear the trucker is going well with those who have received. thanks for the fit pics (and chilli recipe)
cheers, yeah none of the places I'm talking about for $25 send jackets to me in a box. Still, it's pretty steep at $60. Much heavier boots come in a big box for $25 to $45 international postage.
The chore coat back on again so soon! I do love it. Great colour, style and fabric.   I am just struggling with $60 international postage when I can get a jacket from many other reputable US brands for $25. any plans for cheaper postage options? why so much? cheers
Hi, Wanting to jump on the waxed trucker jacket but confused about sizing. It seems that many ppl think the sleeve length is too long, but it seems that was to allow for the permanent creasing and riding up which will effectively shorten the sleeves with use. Have I understood this correctly? any conclusion of sleeve length? hows it compare to Filson short tin cloth cruiser?   I'm unsure if I should get an XL or XXL? I'm probably an XXL in torso but guessing an XL in...
Just wanted to let you all know that the service boot in crazy horse is on sale at Snake oil provisions for $185. Looks like most sizes too   http://www.snakeoilprovisions.com/footwear/6-service-boot 
Yeah, chippewa certainly dont think they should be babied and they would want to be on the safe side
Yeah, we have same kind of usage with boots then. I'd call it "normal" urban wear. By back country I just mean going hiking or whatever in the forest where they could get muddy, wet or covered in snow. The only thing I'd say about "normal" urban wear is that your normal is different to mine in that you have snow! You might want to consider sno seal or obenhauf's LP then? (or at least do what chippewa recommend and spray on a suede water repellent - if that's what they...
thanks. I'm loving them thus far. Sneaker comfortable and love the look of them. Just what I was wanting out of a boot. I kinda like them looking dusty and a bit dirty and look forward to the leather aging over time. But not drying out :)
cheers. Cool, I'll keep the laces tight and wear thicker socks where possible (or as thick as my feet can handle as it gets hot here so properly thick socks are often not possible). I'll see if it improves at all over time. I tried insole but it makes it too squishy. I have heel pads that I'll try at some stage if needed. cheers mate
If not too late, what about original chipps? http://www.chippewaboots.com/footwear/original/general-utility/1901M18
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