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Yes. I just got one.
Paid for it a year ago and was going to collect when I went there in June (they apparently refuse to ship "luggage"). Anyway, when that trip was cancelled and as I won't be there for another year I managed to talk them into sending it. Very happy I did.
I didn't. I had a dodgy screwdriver that kept slipping. By the end of it I was exhausted and covered in sweat - but it was worth it.
I received my one of these. The most incredible packaging I have ever seen. It was packed in a wooden crate and I had to undo twenty screws to get the top off. It was like going back in time 100 years.Anyway, I love it.
Hi   The attached picture shows part of a Cifonelli advert with a hat on a table that appears from time to time in The Rake.   I absolutely love the hat. The fluffy floppy appearance and colour is like nothing I have.   Romain at Cifonelli was kind enough to ask the owner (Alexander Kraft) about the hat for me and was told it was a Lock & Co.   Unfortunately, Lock & Co have no idea of customer service and do not respond to emails. When I last blew up about it some...
That's a truly impressive CEO.
Why aren't you keeping both?
Pretty amazing value.
He was better dressed in Defiance after a year in the forest.
 Here's another article from the same source but with a horrifically annoying title: http://parisiangentleman.co.uk/academy/the-hush-hush-topic-of-suit-jacket-fit-behind-the-neck/
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