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These are my Piercings. I love the patina they put on them when I went back for a patina change.      
Whilst it technically doesn't belong in this thread I have worn my double-sided cashmere Berluti (Arny's) Forestiere jacket today so I thought I would put a couple of shots up of it. The jacket is by a long way the most comfortable jacket I have ever worn and as a bonus I was able to get it for 30% off during the Paris Sales.       (Of course the idiot put them in upside down. Apologies. I don't profess to be an IT wizard)
Here are the Andy Loafers. I didn't know they were "limited edition" when I got them. It was only when I went back to have them re-soled that I was told.  
They look very comfortable indeed.
 Ok. If it's not raining I will wear them tomorrow and put a photo up. BTW, Aussies may be interested to know that Harrolds are meeting with Berluti to maybe bring them out here. I am in two minds. On the one hand it will make life easier if I want them. On the other, they won't be as uncommon here. I agree more photos are needed. Come on everyone!
 Mine are all "off the rack". Though I do have a pair of Andy Loafers that were apparently a limited edition. 
 You used to get a free second patina but never free soles. I left half a dozen pairs for new soles when I was in Paris. Had to pay for them (a couple of hundred or so). BTW whilst on the subject Gaziano & Girling charge 350 pounds for a new sole. Seems a  bit steep but they must take the whole bottom of the shoe off and start again. 
 Of course, in the end I brought some Playtimes....
This seems to suggest you will be ok:   http://www.dancesport.uk.com/shoes/conchart.htm 
 So do you think they will still let Seraphin supply other shops. When I go to Paris in September I am on the lookout for a leather jacket. I was going to go for a Seraphin, Berluti or Zilli. See which feels best on.
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