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 Gets my vote on style alone. 
When I spoke to them I said it was too casual for me. I am a suit guy and I said it won't go with my look. They said that's exactly the look they want. I am looking forward to it.
 I love it.
 I honestly don't know when I would wear the other one but it's such a work of art I would buy it to put on the wall if it wasn't so expensive. I really love it.  I have asked them to "distress" the Tobacco Thief. Takes them three months to make. Due late April. 
Nick Fouquet.   Doesn't get much of a run. Understandably because it is more trend than style.   But I have fallen in love with one of his hats - The Floridian Shamen:   I won't get it, though, for two reasons:   1. Not being a rock superstar I don't think I could carry it off; and   2. It costs $1850.00   I have, however, gone for the much cheaper and more...
 There's a joke about that.
I love this thread. More please. 
Nice.   We are starting to see a lot of shoes combining leather with some kind of material. 
I wear a hat most days and have never experienced "hate for hats". Indeed. many ladies have come up to me and complimented me on the hat I was wearing. Admittedly a lot of them had walking frames and probably flashed back to their father but still...
Mine too now.
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