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 That one about the monkstraps at Pitti is magic.
Where has this thread been all my life? Subscribed.
 Understood. But I still shudder when I see sweaters being hung instead of folded. But back on topic. Thanks for your efforts EFV on this thread. And your other half is still a knock out. Well done on all counts. 
 My problem is that it destroys the shoulders.
 No wedding invite then? Maybe you will get an invite to the divorce in a few weeks. Having said that, it will probably be on live TV.
 I  think the security line at the airport is a bit harsh. People tend to dress for comfort rather than fashion when they are about to fly.
 Dare I say it, "That's Gold Jerry!"
The opposite for me was Paris. When it starts getting a bit cold I was blown away by the fashion - especially the girls. Also, I noticed that the first thing people look at there is your shoes. Haven't experienced that anywhere else. Though it is possible they are looking at the ground all the time to avoid the dog turds that litter every sidewalk. 
I just noticed that Khakis of Carmel has a 20% off Ring Jacket sale ATM. Online only. 
I just got my first RLPL. A blue  cashmere jacket. (ijesse, the fabric is amazing - my tailor almost wet himself when he felt it)   I got it online so I couldn't try it on.   When I put it on it looked ridiculous in the shoulders. It was like they came to a point at the top - like a triangle.   It's at my tailor's at the moment getting the shoulders sorted out. Picking it up on Saturday.    So for the uneducated like me, which is the top of the line RL label?
New Posts  All Forums: