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Pretty amazing value.
He was better dressed in Defiance after a year in the forest.
 Here's another article from the same source but with a horrifically annoying title: http://parisiangentleman.co.uk/academy/the-hush-hush-topic-of-suit-jacket-fit-behind-the-neck/
I have tried it but you always have the feeling it is going to fall off so I brushed it.
I actually brought the thing almost two years ago and haven't been back to Paris because of a couple of cancelled trips. They don't ship suitcases (which that one is classed as) so it has been sitting there for me ever since.
I have an identical one waiting for me when I visit Paris in a few months. Very excited after seeing your pics.
I decided to get some after being exposed to them on the Hats thread. I have to say the experience has been a pleasure. Tiffani the manager is a delight to deal with and I am looking forward to the receipt of my second special order shortly (others were off the rack). As far as quality and feel I rate them highest of all my hats (most of the others being Lock and Borsalino). Look forward to hearing how you go.
Funny you should ask. Two went (even though I stupidly had my initials embroidered on them).
Already got one of them.
Sadly I just gave three garbage bags of clothes to charity - including about 100 ties. Most of it was great stuff hardly worn. Will keep this in mind for the next sweep though.
New Posts  All Forums: