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Just about any will go with light blue - apart from light blue. Also, if you wear dark blue you may look like a cop. And good luck with the new gig.
I just can't get into the Monkstraps. I almost brought some a couple of weeks ago but the buckles look so cheap.
Go for navy. On the other hand, I have a brown wooly alpaca overcoat....
This is more Roll-On Suitcase Porn than Briefcase Porn so I apologise in advance but it's pretty cool so I thought you may want to see it. Berluti Formule 1000 in Scritto
Lock & Co
Love that colour Uncle.
It's an improvement.Now it's more I won't go back there than see you in court.
I have the bigger version and I am told it looks amazing after a number of years and then decades.
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