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It only looks good stumbling out of a bar or brothel at 3am in the morning - and the tie should just be loosened.    Otherwise, ich don't think so. 
I would wait for a sale at Harrods or somewhere reputable.
No problem. Understood.
 That indicates you know the answer?
 Last sale I got double-sided cashmere and it worked out less than the cheapest version. It is the most comfortable piece of clothing I have ever owned. 
 Stunning! Where did you order it from?
Gents, I am planning to get a Cifo Travel Jacket when I come in Sept. I will pick it up when I return in May (or the following September).    What are the payment arrangements? Do you pay the lot up front (which I hate doing)?
These are my Piercings. I love the patina they put on them when I went back for a patina change.      
Whilst it technically doesn't belong in this thread I have worn my double-sided cashmere Berluti (Arny's) Forestiere jacket today so I thought I would put a couple of shots up of it. The jacket is by a long way the most comfortable jacket I have ever worn and as a bonus I was able to get it for 30% off during the Paris Sales.       (Of course the idiot put them in upside down. Apologies. I don't profess to be an IT wizard)
Here are the Andy Loafers. I didn't know they were "limited edition" when I got them. It was only when I went back to have them re-soled that I was told.  
New Posts  All Forums: