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Very excited for my first ever appointment with Cifo next month. I have decided on the Travel Jacket. Seems the most appropriate for dipping my toe in. Can't wait. 
Yep cheap. I pay more than that to get my pants brought in when I lose weight. 
 Lol About 20 years ago I took a girl to my favourite Japanese restaurant. She turned her nose up at the sushi. And laughed at some of the other things. Then she made me leave and take her to McDonalds. Ignorant moron that I had to suffer just to try and get some ..... I still shudder when I think back at it.  The worst thing was that I came up empty anyway. I would have been better off telling her to get out of the restaurant so I could enjoy my meal.
The wearer knows.   Think of it like wearing a sock with a hole in it. You are the only one that knows. But you know. 
 Speaks volumes. I am sure that Brioni customers (or the people that should still be their customers) would be happy to pay an extra $1K to avoid that garbage.
 Ironically Brioni used to dress Bond: http://www.007museum.com/Brioni_James_Bond.htm Now they should be dressing the guys from The Hangover.
 See now I am clutching at pearls. That shirt is straight from 80's Versace. Disgraceful.
That "pear-clutching" comment is idiotic and condescending.
By the way, when you look at some pictures of their new artistic director (fellow Aussie Justin O'Shea) you see straight away the market they seem to be chasing. I think he's pretty stylish but when I look at him I don't think Brioni.
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