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Mine too now.
I went to the shop when i was recently in Paris and picked up my tortoise-shell glasses. I have to say their choice for me was impeccable. The glasses really suit my face.    The first appointment was for the fitting. Franck took about an hour to get them fitted correctly. He would try them on and then go to work over a flame to mould them perfectly. The result is glasses that stay in place the whole time (gravity permitting). At that appointment I also had my eyes...
 Thanks. This one: https://www.asuitablewardrobe.com/lambskin-motorcycle-jackets.html What a great price.
It's not nice.
Yes, Xavier is truly exceptional. Old-fashioned service with a great love and knowledge for his product.   You will love your shoes. 
My 40th birthday present - to myself...
 I will be guided by them but I love the one Seamaster (?) got in Donegal Tweed (especially the blue bits): http://paul-lux.tumblr.com/post/64848571042/details-of-todays-outfit-because-sometimes-seeing 
Very excited for my first ever appointment with Cifo next month. I have decided on the Travel Jacket. Seems the most appropriate for dipping my toe in. Can't wait. 
Yep cheap. I pay more than that to get my pants brought in when I lose weight. 
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