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I have one pair of Church's. They are suede with a moulded rubber sole. Almost straight away the stitching at the top of the eyelets sprung. Disgraceful quality - which is why I only have one pair.
Ok I want to give a rap to Dean Girling. I made an enquiry about getting some shoes but wanted to make sure they fit. He made me a dummy pair from scrap leather and sent them down to Oz. He even gave me his mobile to FaceTime so I could describe the fit (I didn't have to because the fit was almost perfect right out the box). The whole organisation was a pleasure to deal with and I am now awaiting my first pair.
Just about sums it up.
That's right.It's misleading.I understandably thought the price would be reduced by the VAT component.
I suppose you should have checked their policy before you posted that. I'm sorry. Is it so hard?
Thanks Journeyman. That little cash grab will cost them thousands of pounds in sales going forward.
Thanks for taking the time. That's true. They don't charge VAT. They charge the same price but for the unlucky few there is no VAT component. It''s very poor form. I have emailed some other purveyors I know there to see if there is some department I can complain to.
Kind of on the subject, I managed to score an amazing reversible silk/cashmere Tom Ford coat at the recent Harrolds sale. It was either 50% off or 70% off - can't remember which. It's an absolute beauty.
Thanks for the responses. They are enormous so it's not a system or threshold thing. It's no more than an old-fashioned greedy cash grab. Not surprised they are known as a rip-off. I responded to them that they should feel free to cancel my order. Next thing I got was a shipping advice.
I wanted to but an Aquascutum raincoat but sadly that company doesn't ship to the smaller colonies. So I went online and brought it from House of Fraser in the UK at an advertised price of 700 pounds. Then the fun started. As we have to pay tax here on imports over $1,000 (which is about 670 pounds) I emailed them to make sure they reduce the price by the VAT for overseas customers (as every other legitimate luxury goods supplier does). They responded that the price...
New Posts  All Forums: