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Should send your shoes to France to be done.   I do.
Someone that is so pedantic that they want you to do that to avoid an extra mm in height is definitely not worth the hassle.    I see where you are coming from but that's a step too far.
I think the shaving of the heel bit lost it for you.   That would have set off sirens.
I just can't get into my Optimo Homburg.   I wish i could but I don't like how it looks on me.
I got exactly what you want from Goyard.   You should ask your question here:   http://www.styleforum.net/t/34253/briefcase-porn-thread    PS. I'm with you. Those "brief bags" don't do it for me. Too casual.
I'm in.   Great thread.   I will be there in 2 weeks - and this thread has made that time even slower!
It seems that fashion houses make one-off pieces for advertising campaigns. There have been two occasions now where I have seen something in an advert and then when I have tried to make contact with the company to buy it they say it's not available for purchase. The most recent is a Canali Shearling Coat I saw in The Rake. Previously it was a Gucci bag. Any of you insiders aware of this happening? It's pretty frustrating. PS. For some reason I can't find the photo...
I have read that they are all large apart from the double-sided cashmere one (which I got). That one is designed by Sartori based on the other one and cut down.
Why don't you ring them and see if you can get it now over the phone?
It's not too late to do that.
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