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50 EU L is about a size 40 L... And it's a keeper, nicely cut and the pattern is, well, a conversation piece. I like it.
One cool cat.
A practical reason for NOT polishing steel-toes: it makes you look ridiculous, which perforce undercuts your authority w/ the men (or women) on the plant floor. Polishing oxfords is one thing, steel-toes quite another.
Quote: Originally Posted by kolecho Of all types of men's leather goods, I like belts the least. I find them unnecessary on well fitted trousers and somewhat restrictive.
Quote: Originally Posted by ozonemania Listen, pink is a man's colour. Manly men wear pink. But insecure men might not. The reflexive and predictable retort: blame a dubious choice on the putative insecurities of a responder. It also ignores the inherent insecurity lurking in the OP's original question. Why even ask if he didn't have doubts in the first place? The occasional pink pocket square, tie or shirt is... not unforgivable in some...
Quote: Originally Posted by JammieDodger If given the choice I'd take the pink. You ask if the sweaters are for men or women, then express a preference for the most feminine of the 3... where exactly are you going w/ this? I mean, if you have to ask...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sator Is there any relationship to H.R. Giger?
Leffot is close enough.
Probably, but it's a little hard to say for sure w/ your arm up holding the camera. Looks like a very full cut.
Keepers: I'd be hard pressed to come up w/ anything wrong w/ them.
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