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Quote: Originally Posted by RJman In fact it's an innocent question. I'm fond of AA, and I credit it for teaching me much. I was thinking there was some significant stylistic difference in the two fora, i.e., soft vs. hard tailoring, American vs. Continental or English tailoring, etc... or some such thing. I - and I would assume everyone on the planet - is aware of the difference in sensibility.
Quote: Originally Posted by JLibourel ...still lurk on AAAC with some regularity but haven't posted there in over 10 months, for reasons known to many forum regulars... Not me. Elaborate, please...
Alright counselors, we've had enough of all the law talk 'n such... Now Lawman, pics, if you please.
What else to offer a lady after you break her heart?
Yes, but how does one see them if you don't live in Seattle? Do they in fact have plans to re-do their website? If what you say about them developing sleeker lines on the Plaza is true that would be the best news of the year.
Quote: Originally Posted by robin There are some other new styles in, I'll see if I can take a few phone pictures when I stop in this afternoon. Awesome.
jmonroestyle: how did you hear about these? I don't see them on the Alden of Carmel website - where J. Gilbert does a lot of their advert or on J. Gilbert's site, which is mostly Lucchese. Great shoes. Really dig the cognac - so much nicer than the traditional tan split toe on the Aberdeen, a leather and finish which typically has all the character and depth of a pair of children's Crocs. Superb choice.
Are they Plaza or Aberdeen Last?
Bad. Exquisitely bad. Seriously, unforgivably bad: you can't be serious? ...Is he serious?
Quote: Originally Posted by Shikar Are they canvassed or fused Gucci? If one has to ask if a product is for men or women then it's probably best to steer clear.
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