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The shape of your face: oval. Complexion: pimply. Temperament: saturnine. Expression: glum. Outlook: ... So get some Persol's (sp?), make yourself over as 007 and put a smile on your gloomy face. No job? Then get one.
An ice cube of demi-glace is the shit.
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton One summer day one of the speechwriters came to work in a seersucker suit and white shoes and I thought the poor bastard was going to get fired. With good reason: there is just something about seersucker that turns a man into a boy. According to a New Yorker article several years ago, de Paris has made suits for all the presidents since LBJ. Funny article in some ways. Reportedly, he didn't care for Carter...
Quote: Originally Posted by triniboy27 What if you have a nice ass though? Then you've thought about it - and your ass - too much. Much too much.
The aesthetic problem w/ a center vent is that when it opens due to the natural/quotidian movements of a man (i.e., man puts hands in pockets, man crosses arms, man genuflects before an altar, etc., etc.) the split in the rear center vent reveals a man's most inelegant feature: his ASS. Not good. Who, after all, wants to look at your ass. The same aesthetic problem, of course, does not apply to the fairer sex because a lady's bottom is - aesthetically speaking -...
Quote: Originally Posted by SuitingStyle The pride of Taiwan only behind Ching Ming Wang and yours truly. Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido - Phew I had nightmare when someone said Taiwan. Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang I am from Shanghai, actually. Ouch! Me oh my: I didn't mean to precipitate a confrontation in the Strait of Taiwan... All I said was that those Pocket...
Recently took delivery of my first order of PSs from Kent Wang. I got 2: one was the Powder Blue w/ Navy Edge and the other, Powder Blue w/ White Edge. The first thing I would say is that website photos do not do justice to the quality and color of these squares. Both are exquisite, with the Navy Edge on the first bright but masculine and the White Edge subdued and subtle. More importantly is the construction: durably sewn and finely rolled at the edges with the...
great post, thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Defatting now. During simmering or congealed at the top after refrigeration?
What? No cheap Cote Du Rhone or table red to deglaze after roasting? It's Old French. Very New Orleans.
New Posts  All Forums: