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Quote: Originally Posted by foto010101 That is a very good idea! The bags should be made of natural materials only. Cotton and linen are both suitable. It would be great if these bags would come in different sizes so that even long coats can be covered. What he said.
very nice cut - great buy
Lucchese. Far and away the best mass produced boot made here. A must.
Barber; and every two months I treat myself to a shave as well, which is more relaxing than a whiskey and a triple maduro Camacho. Sublime.
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Note that after any of us posts, an FNB reponse always follows, in very short order. True, it never quotes one of us. The Big Guy is too scared for that. But he always responds more or less on point, using some other poor sucker's post as a cushion off of which to fire a bank shot. Pity that it never finds a pocket. That may be, but it always reveals great info for the rest of us cretins... So troll and...
white linen
Quote: Originally Posted by lordofpi Charcoal is definitely the universal color that can be worn on any occasion... Exactly right... The Great Chain of Being for overcoat colors from Lordofpi is dead-on, too.
Quote: Originally Posted by booey Then you're really missing out on a dude who knows what he's talking about. Philistine.
Beautiful choices. Beautiful prices. Nice work.
Quote: Originally Posted by likeitaloud ...what kind of Persol's are you suggesting (model?)..and what about the 007. YES! By all means, yes!
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