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Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 If you gotta ask, don't wear it because you are too unsure to be able to pull it off confidently. And confidence is what distinguishes the novice from the sartorial master. Back to your question, yellow is not a typical color for the colder months, so for YOU, I'd say no. All good points but they ignore the central problem: save for an exceptional tie, yellow is just a girly-man color. And...
Quote: Originally Posted by ama In Germany shoes are manufactured for free and placed on the backs of spotted owls who take them to all their distribution points. The owls also drop pamphlets as the fly. You fellas at G&G really ought to look into that...
So is/was that Special Make-Up cognac split toe on the Plaza Last. Too frickin' bad THEY'VE ALREADY SOLD OUT OF 10D!!!!!!!!! Yenni, you naughty girl.
Quote: Originally Posted by cimabue I ordered my Aero Cafe Racer May 15, 2008 and am still waiting for it! Yeah but, brother, it's worth frickin' wait.
Quote: Originally Posted by R-H The colours are a bit Jokerish for my liking. Yes, the "Jokerish" colors are definitely a no-go. However, the simplicity of the buttons and scissors are very expressive and work nicely... but not within the crest, which makes for a strange juxtaposition of the elegant and ironic. Definitely a start though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Golf_Nerd ...strawberrry chocolat colored shoes looks more like a cake than a shoe... Perhaps if you dropped less acid on your next go round the shoes would look better - and your post, make a lot more sense. You naughty Germans.
Excellent question. I'm keen to know, too... Buying some of the Rangoon collection at the sales price is too good an offer to pass up. Sator, are you out there?
Reagan, I think, had them front and center on the pocket, which is not a political statement as much as one about time and fashion. Things come and go.
Quote: Originally Posted by why Glycemic index, paleo diets, high fat, high carb....doesn't fucking matter. Get off the couch, go for a long run, lift some heavy weights, and eat enough protein. Crude but true: eat less, move more. Not complicated.
Ron Rider. Miracle worker. Posts here on SF.
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