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I recently visited Leffot. Shop is spectacular, and the Corthays some of the best kicks in the store... Yes, welcome to Steven!
Quote: Originally Posted by bartil How much did you pay for one of those Walden bags? Do you think it's of better quality than any of Swaine, Adeney & Brigg's comparisons (for example the Westminster 3)? It looks like a very beautiful bag, nontheless! Mine was @ $900. I can't make a comparison either w/ the Swaine or Adeney & Briggs as I'm not familiar w/ those save for the names. Re: the Mulholland that Will refers to, however, I can...
I'm pleased, and I think you'll be very happy. Ed is certainly a genuinely good guy and excellent craftsman. His bags age beautifully, are indestructible and, apparently, greatly admired on the street: i've had two incidents of people trying to steal mine. But that aside... The finest leather bag east of the Mississippi... and truly handmade - every cotton pickin' stitch of 'em. A must.
Freddy. No Anto. When you walk into Freddy's "shop" you literally walk right into his sewing room, typically w/ Freddy himself sitting right there by the window sewing away. The man is a craftsman in the old style: quiet, humble and takes a lot of pride in every garment he turns out. Freddy does all of my dress and casual shirts. Moreover, his prices are reasonable. Way reasonable. Freddy rocks.
Approach Martinez w/ caution. His work is good but extremely expensive. And while he cuts his own patterns at his shop in Baton Rouge, he does little else there: the actual suits are made elsewhere.
Any idea what last they're on? Looks like a Plaza.
Quote: Originally Posted by babygreenspots What about purple with olive? Or brown too. Blue with brown? Purple for both. Subtle is best.
Quote: Originally Posted by AlanC I've not seen one in person, but Glaser Bags certainly seem to be a quality first brand. They are... I've owned a couple of their pieces since '92 and after considerable wear and tear - if not downright abuse - they show little sign of it. Superlative quality.
Okay, hate like hell to admit it but that's pretty cool, if not vaguely creepy. Wabbits... Who would've thought?
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