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I'm sold... An M-W bag will be my first purchase of the New Year. Thanks for the pics, Dod. The name is something of an embarrassment but the hats are fantastic, and at a reasonable price, too.
Okay, but for the deerskin, hardly representative of their entire line, however, be it calf or canvas. The fact is that the overwhelming majority of their calf leather bags are made in China, not in the U.S. I've sold their bags. I, too, know their lines. They're a fine company to be sure but they do in fact outsource the majority of their production to China.
Rare Size: 10.5B New In Box. Never been worn. I purchased these from LeatherSoul for $450. Now offered at $382.50, or 15% discount. This price includes shipping anywhere in continental USA.
The guy at Leffot is about the most gracious and easy going shop owner in NYC. Helpful and courteous to a fault. If you can't find a pair of shoes in that place - easily one of the best stores of its kind in the U.S. - to make you smile it ain't him, it's you. Surely there's something else going on that you're being less than forthcoming about, which is what the subtle hostility in your thread title indicates. He's a small biz owner, you're wasting his time and he...
B. Black is a great source. I've bought many fabrics from them over the years. Here's the caveat: finding the good stuff takes time and a relationship w/ the owners. Go and intro yourself, tell them what you're looking for, etc. Barney is the head honcho; his son, Andrew, is also very knowledgeable. Both great guys.
I don't know what the problem is nor how it might be fixed but that is strange, and disturbing; I was on the verge of ordering 2 belts from LGC and this gives me pause. A bad sign. I hope others more knowledgeable can post a reply.
Quote: Originally Posted by mg428 Are these classic ones or the ultimate indy? Ultimate... and they are.
Yes, they were special ordered, and the incorrect size at that. As to whether they run a 1/2 too big, it's hard to say. But to be fair I'd have to say, no, they don't. That they run true to size. (Perhaps Tom himself, who owns LeatherSoul where the shoes were bought and who frequently blogs on this forum, could provide better, more accurate info... I believe his username is LeatherSoul. He may have a different perspective.) My true size - the one I should've ordered...
New in Box from LeatherSoul. Never been worn. Pristine condition. Ordered the wrong frickin' size. Maybe they'll fit you. Size: 10.5B Price: $450 not including shipping (I'll only charge what it costs me to ship). PM me if you're interested.
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