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[quote=micbain;1088009]...there should be a DB porn thread... Right on.
B. Black & Sons in Los Angeles has good amount of older Zegna fabric. Speak to Andrew, the owner's son. Really OTB kind of guy. Knows his stuff. They're open Saturdays. Tel #800-433-1546. This place carries a lot of older material and you may - if you're lucky - be able to find what you're looking for. A.
Anybody know anything about this on-line outfit? Here's website: I know they do the traveling road-show bit, taking measurements, etc. then having the suits made in Hong Kong. What I don't know is whether their stuff is basically cheaper fused MTO or not. Anybody?
Every serious wardrobe needs at least one outlandish garment. It's fantastic, the stuff of life. Wear it with pride.
Anyone know anything about this tailor on Montana Ave in Beverly Hills, or is it Santa Monica. I believe he has a website: He had a young tailor working for him, I believe, named Alexxandro Garcia, who seemed like a very OTB guy, but he's apparently left the shop. Now it's just Esmail Astanboos and he says his partner is the custom suit maker. Posts on the AA Forum give me pause.
Gentlemen, since this is my first post, I hope you'll forgive a dense but summary type question... What you would recommend in a Lesser fabric for a Fall wedding where the groom is wearing a suit is probably an 11 oz? Similarly, my brother's wedding is set for early November in the DC area. As a gift to him, I'm supplying the fabric. It must be dark blue, of course. Since he works as a State prosecutor in the mid Atlantic region, I intend to suggest a...
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