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Quote: Originally Posted by bigbris1 What sucks is the person who put your order together either couldn't identify these as issues, or just didn't look-twice. Personally, I would escallate this in an effort to pay for what I received-seconds. You have pics, so locate someone there who would have pulled these as seconds & send them the pics, stating that you expected much more, especially on the second-go-'round. If seconds (subs) go for half...
Quote: Originally Posted by Reborn I think I watch mostly for her. I'm not sure there was any other reason but to watch for mostly her. I live just down the street in LA from the show's Costume Designer. She's one cool cat.
Quote: Originally Posted by weeks It looks effeminate to me. Agreed, even w/ a vague Holly Go-Lightly-esque quality to it.
I feel but a babe, suckling at the teat of desire.
Though I'm sorry for your difficulties, I thought the way you handled the post was fantastic: informative, clever and LOL funny. If not for your dyeing skills, your writing deserves special commendation.
Wow... Very poor indeed, worst is that - what 3/4" - mark or scratch on the vamp. Not my experience w/ C&J. I'd return them w/o a thought.
Best: Ron Rider, who deserves no intro on this forum. Worst: the end, the market will take care of its own
Carroll & Company. Beverly Hills and Pasadena.
IMHO, it's a function of age: probably okay if you're over 35 (and even then, only if you're wearing very serious business attire - such as dark gray or blue) but a little over the top if you're under. If you're still in your 20s, forget it.
In the last 2 years, I've gone from 2 button to 3 to - on Manton's and others' advice - a 3 roll 2.5. A little more elegant to my eye and a look that'll wear better over time.
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