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Quote: Originally Posted by Jumbie This forum has taught me many things - one of them is that I will never wear opera pumps. Buy this man a drink... Bless you, sir.
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman I bet Manton wears pumps. I'll bet Manton wouldn't dare. He has better sense.
I know what the OP is talking about... I had this exact experience trying on several pairs of C&Js shoes recently, w/ wide variation in 3 different styles on the same 337 Last. And I'm not talking about slight variation either: something close to 1/4," which is quite a lot, among the different pairs. I couldn't believe it, and the salesman was as perplexed - not to say embarrassed - as I.
Quote: Originally Posted by luk-cha seemless 3 eye wholecut on a U stlyed last super narrow beveled fiddle backed waist in antique cognac What he said.
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton I can wear 12 ounces in cool weather just fine, but I find that the average black tie event tends to be overheated (maybe because the ladies are wearing gowns that don't cover their shoulders). 12 ounces in a heated environment for 3-4 hours can get to you. Actually a very astute and wise point, one I'd forgotten but know from experience: invariably, at most black tie events - whether it's 50 degrees outside...
Quote: Originally Posted by Film Noir Buff You want amongst other possibilities a barathea or mini herringbone pattern. Interesting... I'd not heard this dimension for semi-formal wear before. Mini herringbone. Is that something in line w/ English custom across the pond or is this a more universal type formalwear tradition? Btw: i'm definitely going w/ 9 oz., thanks to the posts above.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mark Seitelman Incidentally, unless you're a society figure or cabaret artist or head waiter, you're not going to get much use of your tux. Therefore, cloth longevity should not be a determinative factor. You should not need a cloth that "wears like iron" although such cloth will be fairly wrinkle resistant. Good points... I'm certainly no society figure but in the medium-sized Southern town where I'm from it...
On the verge of ordering a bespoke semi-formal tux (is that redundant?) and was wondering whether to go w/ the standard Tropical Weight (9.5 oz.), the heavier 11 oz. or all the way to the 14 oz. It will certainly be a Lesser fabric for sure. My concern is proper drape and, although it'll be worn mostly in the Deep South, it'll be used 75% of the time during the fall/winter months. What is the most sensible weight to go w/? Any thoughts fabric...
Quote: Originally Posted by Skyler A perfectly nice suit... W/ regards the shirt: I'd go w/ door #s 4 or 5. A bold blue is always a reliable counterpoint to the ennui of brown. Make that the everydayness of grey.
A perfectly nice suit... W/ regards the shirt: I'd go w/ door #s 4 or 5. A bold blue is always a reliable counterpoint to the ennui of brown.
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