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Quote: Originally Posted by SpallaCamiccia Great, but is it blue navy or black? Deep navy... not the charcoal blue in your pic.
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar Have you thought of a double-pinstripe instead of a chalk stripe? Never seen such a pinstripe, but would like to... The fabrics in question, however, are ones I already own, not ones i'm considering buying so it's something of a done deal.
Quote: Originally Posted by whnay. I like the bottom one. I think that's what I'm going to do. Somehow the wider stripe would seem to make for a less busy look on so dramatic a coat, and therefore more subtle. The more narrow stripe fabric I'll save for a 3 piece... My blue heaven. Thanks all.
here's a pic... think I bought them 1985. Oldies but goodies.
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar Any pics of the fabrics involved... I'll post pics Monday.
What looks best on a Double-Breasted navy chalk stripe suit: narrow (5/8") stripes or a wider (15/16") stripe? I'm wondering if there any general rules concerning a DB coat and the proper width of stripes. My sense is that the answer would be effected by my height - 5' 10" and build - medium, as well as the subtlety of the stripes themselves, which are, I would say, pretty classic: more Foreign Office, less Hollywood gangster. Both fabrics are 9 oz. Holland &...
I'm looking general courtroom rules for prosecuting and defense attorneys at both civil and criminal trials.
What're some of the basic sartorial Do's and Don'ts at trial? E.g., to cufflink or not, charcoal or dark blue suit, etc.? Thanks in advance.
would you mind expanding on your reply re: flannel not holding up well in wet weather, Concordia? (I assume you mean wet cold weather.) I would've thought it ideal for this.
George Herrera, downtown. Prince of a guy: 704 spring street, suite 1201 tel: 213.689-5066
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