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IMO, the chainstitch runoff is stupid, faux-authentic stuff. No one actually doing actual physical work is going to spend 130 bucks on a workshirt with fake frayed stitching.
wow 67 bucks for amok seconds. If I'm a 10EE in the 5 last, will 10E be too narrow for amoks?
yeah tons of flannel. I would love that! Plus fit matters a whole lot less for a warm winter flannel. You can always err on the side of baggy. Plus I want to make a slim fit flannel with spread collar, french placket, and french cuffs.
FWIW a fully canvased jacket, custom made to your measurments, in beautiful Molloy and Sons tweed for $649 is a steal. That shit will last a lifetime. Its the kind of thing that I would want to save up for when I finally graduate with my PhD. 
My shirt is billowy in the back too., FWIW.
Dude the 5 last is super narrow. Try and E, EE, or EEE.
Hey guys, any suggestions for fabric choices for a casual short sleeve shirt? I'm thinking of the lower end price wise. Like the Peach Green Cream Gingham Twill? Or even the Drab Green Soft Herringbone? Anyone have any experience?
The website also has Malvern's in size 14 and 15 if anyone is interested.
What's the difference between the Duck Canvas and the Brisbane Moss Canvas?
Isn't AE phasing out its shell offerings? And only having them be MTO? 
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