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Actually I tried the Super Light--not the summerweight--and felt they were too flimsy.
Summer's a couple months away. Does anyone have any suggestions for Gustin jeans that would be comfortable in the summer? I don't want something too thin--I tried the summerweight ones and it was like I was wearing a t-shirt on my legs. I have the midnight shadow (fantastic pants) and that weight sounds good, but would prefer both a regular blue/indigo look and a looser weave. Any suggestions on what I should keep an eye out on?
The sleeves are right on target according to the fit guide, which means they are a good bit longer than the button down shirt sleeves. But the length of my sweatshirt is a whole inch longer than the fit guide.
I did. Its fucking huge. I wear a XL classic fit in the shirts and they are great: great sleeve length, great neck size, everything. The XL in the sweatshirt looks like I'm wearing a blanket. Hella disappointed. Really soft though!
Uh, what? Can we stop with the not-so-subtle-homophobia?
 How is the American Sand? I'm thinking about it. I'm worried that its too light--I had almost cream colored khakis before and felt I could only wear them when its super hot out. Thanks!
So I rag on gustin for their stupid scoops and stupid high armholes and stupid chainstich runoff for rich nerds working in offices making people click on ads, but I just received the navy american chino and I am stunned by the quality!   Any tips on hemming them? should I cuff?   Also, any tips on what pair to get next? I need a lighter color chino. I was thinking the Japan true khaki chino, the Japan original khaki chino, or the khaki selvedge twill. any thoughts?
IMO the t-shirt fits are horrible. I backed an XL sweatshirt. I'm 5'10'' 185 lbs. XL classic fit button downs fit me great.
So I have temporary access to the stock store. There are about 6 shirts in stock in my size. There is also a grab bag for shirts. If I buy a grab bag shirt in my size, does that mean it will be one of the shirts I see in the stock store in my size? Or will it be some other shirt not listed?
XL is going to be long on you, on the body and in the sleeves. I'm 5'10'' and its a tad long.
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