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 I have the same problem. I think they should add another measurement for armhole and sleeve width.
I gotta say $475 for a completely MTM unstructured jacket is a steal.
Hi all. I'm going to a wedding in Feb. I want a casual patterned dress shirt w/ my navy suit. I'm thinking a big bold gingham. Any suggestions?
Any chance you can provide me with pit-to-pit measurement? Or should I just half the chest?
Can anyone how Loake Kempton's fit compared to Meermin's chukkas?
Whats the cost for a unstructured blazer running, with cheaper fabrics? I see the Molloy tweeds are 650, how low can a custom one go?
Question: Is there any place in Paris that sells Meermin shoes? Or any place in Paris where I can try them on?
Blazers are horrible. Ugh. Was really excited for them. :(
how do the shaker heights fit? I'm a 10E on the 5 last. Will I fit well in a 10D in the Shaker Heights?
Any suggestions for some non-navy/blue flannels on lower end on the price scale?
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