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XL is going to be long on you, on the body and in the sleeves. I'm 5'10'' and its a tad long.
This is really helpful. Thank you. Backed!
  Thanks! They do look great. I have one question: Are they versatile? Sometimes with these cool fabrics the texture/weave/slubbiness is so prominent and unique that its hard to match the jeans with anything. Do you find that to be the case with these?
Anyone have the Italy Midnight Shadow and care to offer their opinion of it?
Hi all, anyone have any experience with the Supple 16? How do they look? Do they fade?
Will do, thanks everyone.
Anyone know what is outside of the spec range for gustin? I got some 35 skinny's from the grab bag that barely hide my genitals. The rise is .3'' less than the online fit guide, the cuffs are 14'' around as opposed to 15'' on the fit guide. Is this returnable?
Anyone have pics of the fades on any blackxblack jeans?
Got the denim grab bag. Wound up with Cone Golden State. I tried them on; they don't fit right. I can return them for credit, correct?
Yeah, they simply aren't making the quality of a boot like Alden for $300. So why buy a gustin boot? The only thing I can think of is if they get really awesome leathers.
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