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 Sweet. Unconstructed? Please make it a more forgiving fit than ones like the Jcrew Ludlow so that bigger guys can actually wear it!
Are there any planes to do blazers or sportcoats? like unlined? that would be killer!
What color pants do you all normally wear with navy Neumoks? Do you find Navy or Olive more versatile?
so I have strands in 10EEE and 5th street boots in 10E. Both are on the 5 last. The strands of course fit me great in the front of my foot where it is wide, but there's a lot of heel slip. On the 5th street boots in 10E, the heel slip isn't there but I had to get them stretched in the front. Its better but not perfect.   So, it looks like to get the strand to fit perfectly I should tighten up the heel. Does anyone have any experience with a cobbler putting in a leather...
How are the armholes, DC? That's my worry. My chest flares out at the pits and a lot of RTW shirts are just too tight in the pits for me.
IMO, the chainstitch runoff is stupid, faux-authentic stuff. No one actually doing actual physical work is going to spend 130 bucks on a workshirt with fake frayed stitching.
wow 67 bucks for amok seconds. If I'm a 10EE in the 5 last, will 10E be too narrow for amoks?
yeah tons of flannel. I would love that! Plus fit matters a whole lot less for a warm winter flannel. You can always err on the side of baggy. Plus I want to make a slim fit flannel with spread collar, french placket, and french cuffs.
FWIW a fully canvased jacket, custom made to your measurments, in beautiful Molloy and Sons tweed for $649 is a steal. That shit will last a lifetime. Its the kind of thing that I would want to save up for when I finally graduate with my PhD. 
My shirt is billowy in the back too., FWIW.
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