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I appreciate the info. And I'm wondering about that long could the oils of a deer bone really last? Checking out Abbeyhorn now.
ExAh, good deal then. They kinda looked like shell to me, but the pictures weren't very clear. Definitely different to look at in person. The soles are in good shape and they had heel taps (that need replacing) but I'd say not a bad deal for $30. Thanks, man So something like Renovateur would be good to use on them after brushing? I've heard something about deer bone and the oils in them, but I'm not sure what that's all about.
So I bought a pair of Allen Edmonds Leeds the other day and they just got here.  They don't seem to have the normal tiny creases even though they seem to have never seen shoe trees. I'm not sure, maybe they're shell? How would I tell? I took some pictures, but I've never actually seen shell before.      This is after some brushing and a shoe tree. They don't seem to have the tiny cracks that develop without trees like normal. They're almost rough in the...
Posted this a long time ago. Figured maybe some new people have joined since that could possibly give me some help on finding this tie?
1) Gave it a shot. Looks like it removed a bit of the stuff, but not enough to match    the rest of the shoe. Was a good effort though. 2) I followed this and man, I'm really glad I did. I figured out how amazing Reno    can make an old pair of shoes look. 3) Yeah, didnt really look like there was any original paint left. If any, it kind of    reminded me of one of those old houses with lead paint that's peeling really bad.  Either way, after all's said and done they look...
Ok, guys. I have a question. I got these Cole Haan Major Deegan's on ebay for cheap because they were pretty dried out and not in good shape at all. I mainly just wanted to use them as practice for stuff since I ended up selling my other set of shoes that I had bought with the intention of practicing on them. Now I started with Lexol leather cleaner and this is the aftermath. I waited two hours to let them get nice and dry again and threw some Lexol conditioner on them and...
 Unless you're wearing gloves you're getting residualreno from the cloth leeching into your skin regardless.Do you suggest using gloves to apply it then?
Doesn't seem too challenging then. Is the liquid wax like a sealant?It seems like that part of the shoe would receive the most water. Perhaps I'll try this on an old pair of shoes. Seems interesting. Itend to like the light colored sole edges against some leathers.Thanks, man :) 
No problem, glad I could help.
Do you happen to know the process used to do this?Gauging from the fact that you make shoes I'm assumingyou've probably done it a time or two, but I could be wrong.
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