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Shoe trees at JAB going for 3 for $25
Looking good! As much as this is a shoe forum, I would love to see more of us posting pictures of us in full attire. Having a nice pair of shoes is no use if we don't pair it well with nice clothes.Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
[/quote] I think that for my first quality shoes it's worth it to get the shoes re-crafted. Like you said, this is especially true for shell shoes. I'm not sure I'd ever redraft seconds unless I just loved the shoes or could not possibly get something comparable.[/quote] There is also the possibility that the model is no longer available.
Just wanted to show you guys the brown jermyns which i wore to my cousin's wedding today. Was thinking of pairing my attire with either the bb brown strand or bourbon park avenue but decided to go with the jermyns since the theme was modern vintage and it was a later morning church reception. Have been getting compliments about this pair of jermyns and wonder why this is a closeout style. The brogue design and tassels make this pair really stylish.  
JAB is having a 50% online sale. Shoe trees are going at $12.50 a pair.
 I asked here because this is the only sartorial forum and thread that I follow and the people here seem really helpful. Well, that cannot be said of everyone here I suppose. It has nothing to do with AE and people can choose not to reply if they don't want to. If I had a relative/friend in the states, I wouldn't be asking. But even if so, I do not want to trouble them. 
I have no problem with AE, have a pair of BB brown strands with my freight forwarder ATM. I want to buy Abercrombie shirts because they fit me really well but I cannot. Cuz they not only discriminate against people of size, they also discriminate against freight forwarder =P
This is slightly off topic but does anyone know anyone who is willing to forward parcels to a freight forwarding address for a fee? Reason why I asked is because brands like Abercrombie ban orders to freight forwarding addresses and the only way to even purchase is to a local address.
Googled and Alden actually has a shoe horn key chain{keyword}&gclid=CI_Y5YC4hLwCFaE9Qgod0D0ANA       Trickster as well:  
Just bought two pairs from AE so I can afford to wait. Don't think the number of new shoes will surpass the additional shoe trees I bought! But if you guys happen to see a sale for shoe trees going on, would very much appreciate a shoutout 
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