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I love it. It's a great summary of Kanye the man and a sample of the times we live in. All of the songs are overproduced and some of them run way too long, the album is all about more. The disc is as personal as College Dropout and Late Reg with none of the minimalism of 808s. Every song connects back to his first 4 albums: strings, soul samples, autotuned solos, horns, etc.
If you have iPhone + Apple TV it's a big update too...I guess.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nananine I got a job offer from Bioware Austin. Whoa. I don't know where else to put that, but hey. Congrats! You're a game developer then? Or a business guy?
Smiths are here from what I can tell. As for black ODs, on 10/25 Mike said Quote: I wish that I had good news, but they got totally pushed out for Rivet Chino production. However, I'm getting a ridiculous amount of chinos within the next few weeks, so the Smiths will likely arrive around the first week of December.
Had mine for a week, nothing yet. Dumb questions: have you restarted your phone? Have you turned your WiFi off and on? That usually solved it on my iPhone 2G.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim They are taller buildings, requiring more concrete and more rebar, and they are more densely packed. I'm assuming this is countered by Miami's strict building codes. Also, while DC (intentionally) has shorter buildings, Miami's tallest match some of NYC's tallest. But this Quote: Edit: Supposedly, there are a disproportionate amount of buildings in NYC that have significant amounts of lead...
None of this changes the fact that NY's concrete & steel buildings are way more ruthless to my iPhone's service than DC's or Miami's.
Quote: Originally Posted by Epaulet Hmm, I'm not familiar with the Iron Heart OD's, but these will be Kurabo Indigo Selvedge with a black dye over it. As you wear it, the black will fade off and reveal the indigo below. Quote: I personally use Pecard's Leather Dressing for all my boots, Chromexcel, and leather jackets. A little bit goes a long way: http://www.pecard.com/mm5/merchant.m...ode=leathdress Would you...
Quote: Originally Posted by slappy Im pretty skeptical of that Actually, you'd be surprise. It's only 3" of P2P clearance on a jacket which isn't supposed to be super-fitted, aaaaaand: Quote: Originally Posted by bryanayrb i think they recommend sizing the jackets from the shoulder instead of the chest this. A 50 has 17.9/18.7 front/back, which matches well with the 18.5" shoulders on Epaulet's L shirts.
Hey Mike, any news on those overdyed black Smiths?
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