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Hah seriously. At least they really want to save Mike the return cost--that's very considerate.
Grabbed this sweater during Patrik Ervell's recent sale, but it's too big for me. Brand new with tags. Looking to get back what I paid ($225 + shipping), and it's sold for $260 shipped. Pics and measurements on request.
Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 i mean seriously, do you even read the gobbledeegook shit you write, it sounds like you write for a state-school paper. My state school paper was much worse than that. That was pretty good writing, if a bit snobbish.
Do you have any before-dinner Ms in dewberry left?
Quote: Originally Posted by jet wait, wut? you got one now? Yup. Awesome phone. StarTac wasn't cutting it. The defect is really a non-issue. I've lost zero calls because of it, and I knew I wouldn't lose any bc of how I hold the phone. I bought a phone with a known defect bc (a) I was going to get a case anyway, and (b) I'm locked to AT&T so I don't have any other good phone options. Still, I'm happy with the 4.
Quote: Originally Posted by Psydelik Oh, my bad then! Do you know how long they will be available for? A while. Not deep into spring or anything, but I'm sure they'll accept orders for the next few months.
Quote: Originally Posted by Psydelik According to the site, it says they are discontinued, unless my eyes are tricking me. Site hasn't been updated. They're available. Follow the thread for updated info.
Quote: Originally Posted by chasingred Regarding those holiday sales, are you only having it on third party stuff? I really want to try a pair of your guys' pants, but just can't afford the ticket price right now (though they're clearly worth it). Any sales on those this holiday season? Mike's mentioned before that he doesn't discount his house products. Rightfully so, too--they're a great deal considering the materials and fit.
Checking out SSense and I saw this guy:
Quote: Originally Posted by holymadness Shrug. The antenna problem is real but in practice completely negligible. You should try using one instead of just believing the anti-hype. Yeah seriously. I posted about how the iPhone 4 was a big disaster for Apple...well, I got a 4 and I couldn't be happier. The phone works perfectly fine. The antenna thing is a non-starter, btw--the phone's made of glass, you better have it in a case.
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