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Quote: Originally Posted by stick Translation: sat at a bar drinking alone all night, guy with a girl says you dress weird, got in a slapfight with the girl.
Quote: Originally Posted by StanleyVanBuren For the cold soak, what should I use and for how long? Bucket? Bathtub? These are probably stupid & elementary questions, but since we're discussing it anyway... Whatever works for you. Hell, fill your washer with cold water, toss the jeans in, and leave the lid open (so you don't run a load).
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 There are several online stores that have discount codes that apply to APC denim. That's as good as it gets. I can think of one, but that's hush-hush and I like them a lot, so I won't get them in trouble. All of the larger online retailers (ex. Tobi) put APC on an exclusion list. Who offers discount codes that work on APC denim?
Quote: Originally Posted by Bullethead86 haha, thank you.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet There are always a few who ask and never learn. To that guy's credit, he has like 2 posts since joining 12 hours ago. So he probably doesn't know. Still, though, the SF banner should read "StyleForum: APC Denim Doesn't Go On Sale"
Quote: Originally Posted by Bullethead86 Are there any jeans on sale? from what i see, no. APC doesn't let affiliates put their jeans on sale. So why would they put them on sale?
Woot! Finally! Mike, I haven't followed up on my PM because I'm interested in the other colors you're getting. Can you talk about those again?
What a sweet deal! This has been asked a ton, but how do these fit differently from APC NS? Aside from taking your normal waist size?
Dead Space is a low-commitment game with some good thrills. One of the better big-budget games this generation. It's quick too, should take 10 hours or so. Bioshock is a must-play, as it inherits a lot of gameplay choices from the excellent System Shock 2. This one takes a bit longer (15-20) but it's a great game.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mandrake9072 P.S. I miss OiNK (any former users?) Right here. OiNK was the shit! Had a ratio of 2-3 with 40-60GB uploaded, but no luck getting on Waffles. Mad disappointing.
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