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Quote: Originally Posted by hurhur it all looks like the first piece of each design that Toj churned out and put on this thread. New thread, finally?
Quote: Originally Posted by jeisurii Has anyone else noticed any sizing issue on the new Kurabo Smiths? I bought a 33 a few weeks back and thought they felt a little off but tried to wear them anyway. Finally got around to measuring and the waist is just over 35". To make sure I wasn't just doing it wrong, I measured my 33 Rivet Chinos I've had about a month and they came out to just under 34". I think I have the same problem. I take a 31 in...
Quote: Originally Posted by stevent Is $140.25 shipped from Need Supply Co. the cheapest I will be able to get new standards for? That's probably the cheapest you'll find them anywhere.
Quote: Originally Posted by brianoh Clearly, you are a saint to retailers. I just respect entrepreneurs more than people looking to save money on designer clothing at the expense of those entrepreneurs. Couldn't care less about J.Crew or Barney's. Don't mind me though! I'm sure you planned to spend those Context savings on something else they sell. Right?
Quote: Originally Posted by brianoh Thing that pisses me off more than anything is APK telling me that I'm cheap or that I'm tacky for trying to get additional discounts, when he's selling his used clothes and going through an "Official Sales" thread while everyone is agreeing with him. The issue isn't you being cheap--it's looking for the cheapest price at a small SF-affiliated business that never ever ever ever offers coupons (or lets you...
Thanks APK. The Context guys are great, shipping is free, and their service is unparalleled. It's pretty bad form to ask them for a coupon on items that are 50% off. Also, it's not legit to ask whether Context has coupons when (a) you've been here a year, and (b) they never ever ever ever have coupons.
Quote: Originally Posted by brianoh are you retarded, or do you have the reading comprehension of my penis? i asked if anyone had a COUPON for the site, not a link to a sale. No he's perfectly fine. Why would you ask for a COUPON when there's a SALE already going on? Hell, why would you ask for a COUPON when Context NEVER ISSUES COUPONS? Damn, dumb Context sale questions keep hitting this thread. EDIT: and you have zero excuse, you've been...
Has anyone here played Minecraft? Lost a bit of time to that over the weekend. Amazing how a simple game could be so compelling.
Quote: Originally Posted by delakingois Will Ervell drop to 50%? I don't think they did it for the SS, so I'm doubting it, but there's so much I wan't. I've never seen his website hit 50%.
Mauro, still looking for female models? For WvG, I mean.
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