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Quote: Originally Posted by bdeuce22 then why did you ask the question? you are right in that it's not groundbreaking, but in my opinion, at this stage of the game, you may as well wait. I mean, you can fall into this perpetual waiting trap forever. "Oh, the 6 is only a few months away..." If you need a phone now, buy it. The 5 won't be out for 4 months, rumors peg it as an incremental update (a bit faster, a screen that's 0.2" larger),...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube The delay is for real Right. The whole thing smells like a controlled leak--Apple is using media groups to prime their customers for a release (or, in this case, a non-release). They did this for the Verizon iPhone in January (when the NYT, WSJ, and Bloomberg simultaneously reported it) and the iPad 2 in March (everyone reported a March release at the end of February).
Quote: Originally Posted by bdeuce22 compressive or tensile strength. Right, I think their promo video showed tensile strength. I mean, either way it's a phone with two glass plates. It could be 1000x stronger but glass is not flexible--if you drop it the wrong way, it will shatter. Just get a damn Bumper and be done with it.
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger No, but if a phone is advertised as "30 times stronger", and it falls 3 feet from your pocket to the ground, it probably shouldn't break. The problem was one of the more common complaints of the 3G and 3Gs, and when they "improve" it, and promote how much more indestructable it is, they should be held somewhat accountable. Did your phone's corner hit the ground after the fall? If so, no type of glass...
Quote: Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 I think this condition is called "gettingolditis". Haaa not that old just yet. I walked away after a bit and had trouble walking straight for a second. It's a cool effect but man, that thing is killer on the eyes.
Played a 3DS for the first time the other day...walked away with a headache after 5 minutes. Has this happened to anyone else?
Quote: Originally Posted by MikeDT You could do that tomorrow, there are many great phones available now. BTW I had an iPhone once for about a month, never again. Why'd you ditch it?
Quote: Originally Posted by 7_rocket Man I hope the rumors aren't true, I'm looking to upgrade my from POS blackberry and was hoping to get the Iphone 5 or whatever it will be called this summer. Bummer The difference is in months, not years. Worst case is that the iPhone 5 just misses Apple's FY11 and launches in October.
^^ Note that the above has also been reported by Bloomberg and WSJ, two groups with great Apple track records. This news is coming out everywhere at once, actually--it smells like an intentional leak from Apple. The "cloud" technology is simple: no information will actually be saved on your phone! Rumor has it the iPhone mini will not have any memory, but instead save and download your contacts, music, videos, etc. wirelessly from servers owned by Apple. No memory =...
Quote: Originally Posted by Bartolo I upgrade every 2-3 years, and usually skip over iterations. I did not go from the iPhone 3 to 3gs or 4, but will jump on the 5. I'm happy to wait for it, and honestly I've been fine with my 3 (except for the crappy camera). Did you ever upgrade your phone to iOS 4? Wondering if you skipped that upgrade, as a lot of people were disappointed with it.
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