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Quote: Originally Posted by mickey711 Sorry, maybe I wasn't being very clear in my previous post. Whoops--misunderstood you. Sorry.
Quote: Originally Posted by mickey711 On a related topic, whose reviews do you guys read/watch/listen to? I think I'm only following Yahtzee atm. I miss Seanbaby Honestly? None. My two reasons: Game "journalists" or "reviewers" aren't great writers, and lots of websites also engage in payola. Lots. You're better off talking to like-minded gamers. Or ask Brian SD, dusty, or some of the other posters on here--SF gamers have good taste that...
Quote: Originally Posted by APK That and the word "tote" has appeared in 335 posts in this thread. Search a little. That and, in general, it's douchey to tell a storeowner "I'm interested in buying, but only if you mark that shit down for me."
Quote: Originally Posted by Tooch4321 this shit ain't even funny anymore... "Hey Mauro, can you print money for me? Please?"
Beat Halo 3: ODST the other day. It's Bungie's love letter to the die-hard fans and a successful first-person sandbox game. One of the best games I've played in a while. Given up on finishing FFXII for now, some 70+ hours in. I'm stuck in some area where you need to choose the right pillars in the right order or you get beaten up by a bunch of zombies and undead-ies. Not very fun, and I might give up altogether. Replaying Shadow of the Colossus (haven't played it in 4+...
Quote: Originally Posted by word Get a system your friends have so you can play with them online or to borrow games from each other. Too right. No point in getting a system if you'll be playing it alone.
Quote: Originally Posted by mickey711 When are they going to stop working on TF2 updates and start focusing on developing Episode 3? Love TF2 but love HL series much more. They're done updating all 9 classes right? Shouldn't they finish with that soon?
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo If you had followed that up by saying the expansion would be out in three months I'd say it was ok. Otherwise, if they stick to their slow ass expansion schedule, then its Now you know how Half-Life 2 fans feel. We've been waiting for a conclusion for 6 years.
Quote: Originally Posted by grundletaint and i do have a touch. can't make calls with it, last i checked. That won't be the case for long. Check out the Apple Peel 520:
Quote: Originally Posted by Szeph el ratón I'm also sad that the Michael Jackson zombie got patched out. Haven't downloaded that patch yet, just so I can still see him break it down.
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