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Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Today's WSJ is going on about the Verizon iPhone again. Q1 2011. Still supposedly CDMA as opposed to jumping right to LTE. Right, this just confirms what we've heard 4-6 weeks ago: a CDMA model is currently being tested. Remember that the iPhone 2G could've been 3G, but Apple waited a generation to make the leap.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ace Rimmer Will our favorite vaporware (12 years late) finally be reality? I wouldn't count on it! Apparently people who buy the Borderlands GOTY edition will have access to an early demo. Now that Gearbox owns the rights, this game might actually see the light of day! If they manage to finish the game, they'll make a killing off of years of hype and curiosity.
Quote: Originally Posted by holymadness ^^ Most overrated thing in existence. Best games: Soosiz Monkey Island 2 Carcassonne Beyond Ynth Tilt to Live Plants vs. Zombies Excited to try Carcassonne, and PvZ is just crack. I'll add Canabalt, Drop 7, Flight Control, and Civilization: Revolution. All worth it for the money--especially Civ.
Quote: Originally Posted by indesertum chrono trigger is awesome. more fun than shining force so far What an excellent game--the music takes it from "good game" to "one of the best of its era." Played it for the first time a year or two, that was a great experience. No nostalgia-tinted glasses needed.
Quote: Originally Posted by Reggs There are not enough Minecraft posts in this thread. I dont care if you just got Halo or Civ. Drop $13 on Minecraft and I promise you will not play anything else for a good while. This guy made $350,000 in one day. Link. He also got job offers from Valve and Bungie. Turned both down, apparently.
Quote: Originally Posted by mrchariybrown Yes it is. Please email if you're interested in placing an order for one. How about the new bomber pattern with suede? Zip, not buttons?
Quote: Originally Posted by NorCal No. Good Jeebus, only on SF could that guy be called tough looking. Guess I should've added a (10). There's no world -- even SF -- where that guy genuinely looks tough.
The toughest guy to ever wear a neck kerchief. (Nice jacket.)
Quote: Originally Posted by grundletaint metroid: other m is freaking awesome. Search around for information on the glitch. Apparently if you save after beating a boss, some door won't open and let you through. It's a game-breaker--figured I'd mention it if you haven't heard yet.
Quote: Originally Posted by holymadness Surprise announcement, Apple is relaxing restrictions on developer tools for creating apps and will be publishing guidelines for its app approval process. Should increase accessibility and transparency, notably for those who used adobe's compiler to make their apps. I wonder if Apple is feeling the heat from Android. This is big news. The one...
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