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Quote: Originally Posted by jet I used to have one, you're right older tech is so much more exciting! Anyway, this confirms what Gruber and others said months ago: Apple is testing a CDMA iPhone so that it can arrive to the market by the start of 2011. I'll suggest that we won't see 1.5-2 million phones sold on Day 1 (like we did on iPhone 4 launch day). The market is probably close to equilibrium, since anyone who really wanted a 4...
Quote: Originally Posted by jet Is this what you've read on the internet that I should get? You don't know what a Star-Tac is? Makes sense, only real ballers used Star-Tacs
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one I need to say at this point, there is no other whiskey available on any leathers. We just did that as a special one-off thing. For now, the colors are still as i listed awhile back. I'm all over a whiskey bomber the moment you find a whiskey that you like, and I can't be the only one thinking this.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet No you're absolutely right no need to oversell, phone went back today on my lunch hour. How despicable this company apple is. Glad to hear it. You should replace it with a Motorolla Star-Tac when you get the chance.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet You're right, though I've never experienced these problems I'm returning this phone STAT because of your opinion. Imagine if, pre-2008, MMM had a sick pair of hi-tops in white and black. You saw the whites in a lookbook, saved up, like, an hour of income (or whatever you make), then went down to the nearest MMM store. You tell the clerk and she says "Sorry jet, no kop! Gonna have to wait a month!" You ask a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dashaansafin ^ Not really. I dont want to deal with it if my computer breaks down, the BIOS screws up, or a part is defective and I have no one to send it to or no Indian guy to call on for repair. If the BIOS is bad, you call Newegg. Defective part: Newegg. Repairing the thing, well, there's tons of PC repair people out there.
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan It's like how everyone now needs to have an SLR... Even worse, they buy half a dozen lenses... Most people are used to cheap, disposable gadgets made of plastic.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet I keep hearing about this disaster but have yet to experience it. Apple prides itself on build quality and design. That's how they separate from Google, HP, Dell, HTC, whatever. The 4 has some key design and quality problems, though: a glass back that shatters, the antenna problem, no white version for 4 months, and terrible signal strength for a phone on a terrible network. These issues are disastrous for a...
Quote: Originally Posted by holymadness Story sounds fake. 3 months on we'd have heard major complaints from consumers by now. Well that's the point--they pulled cases from Apple Stores so the issue wouldn't propagate. I planned to get a 4 by year's end, but there are too many issues with this phone. I'm going to hold off until the 5 or whatever is announced next year. What a disaster for Apple.
Quote: Originally Posted by ramuman I hate having my iPhone 4. It drops calls, catches fire (sometimes it even sets me on fire), the screen cracks constantly, and Apple won't even send me two or three or four more bumpers. I wish I had a scratch-free Galaxy S with great battery life, an even better screen, and phenomenal GPS tracking. Seriously, wtf. People are just lining up for handouts at this point. You have a glass phone. Sorry, but...
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