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Haven't bought a pair of jeans in who-knows-how-long but my APC NS are finally starting to disintegrate. Can you guys recommend an alternative? I love the fit, but was hoping for higher-quality denim. $250 max. Also would appreciate advice on sizing, since I know NS can be weird (I've got 29s right now).
Awesome thanks
What's the latest for someone looking to get a jacket but hasn't followed the thread? I searched for about 10, couldn't hit (looks down?), and saw a bit about a new BCDR?
Thanks, I'll give that link a look. You're right re: NS...should I think about Rogue Territory's Stanton as a comparable?
Hey whodini, looking to replace a pair of APCs I picked up two years ago. What are some sub-$200 alternatives with similar fit?
Hey guys, how warm are the Sierra Designs parkas? Looking for something for wintry mix, and I'm wondering if the parkas + mid-layers would be enough. Or is the Penfield parka any better?
Quote: Originally Posted by Willie5566 Oh vei...first the speaker has been improved check the specs. I own both and the 2 is noticeably louder than 1. The debate is what changes are coming and will they warrant an upgrade. Who cares if the fucking shape changes? People want features and performance. Has the iPhone changed so much in appearance since the original??? I love when it is time for the latest phone to come out and people are expecting it...
Quote: Originally Posted by Willie5566 Ummm...cameras, color options, improved speakers...not going to list them all but you might have missed a few things. Those aren't updates to the iPad's form. How do new speakers (they aren't improved at all, sorry), two colors, or cameras equal a change in the iPad's physical shape? There are still no convincing rumors to indicate a new physical shape for the iPhone 5. All credible rumors suggest an...
Quote: Originally Posted by Willie5566 They redesigned the iPad 2. The iPad 2 is slightly thinner, but it's still glass on aluminum back. The general look has not changed.
Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS Tech post from Foxnews = is no bueno. Apple spent a lot of money on the research of the technology behind the iPhone 4's composite body. I don't foresee them making a radical shift, rather improving the design and fixing issues, at least in the next iteration of the iPhone. I agree--I don't buy this either. They've only redesigned the phone every other year since the 3G in 2008. I think this phone's big...
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