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What type of hat would you guys recommend me? Want a hat to wear with my Le Smoking but also use it casualy with jeans etc.   Looking at this one now: http://www.ysl.com/nl/shop-product/men/silk-and-hats-hats-new-bowie-fedora-hat-in-black-felted-rabbit-fur_cod46460556st.html#section=men_silkm
Quick Question: Any good deal on a new SL01/H EU40/40,5? (Stores online)
Yes I think so but some say the SL01/H fits smaller than the SL10/H wich in a 40 is perfect for me
Need some sizing advice.. About to buy a pair of SL01/H.   I Have a pair of SL01/L in 41 which fit a little bit big. I wear 40 / 40,5 in Crop Jodhpur and 40 in SL10/H.   what would you guys recommend? A 40 or a 41?
Has anybody seen a good sale deal on a pair of SL01/H in All White (Size 40/40,5)?
Ive got the D02 Coated Denim from this AW16 season, in a 26. And I can say they fit tight, much tighter than my D02s from last season from the knee down. No need to tapper these as I did with my SS16 denim.
I am Looking for a Light beige (simple) SLP Chelsea. And dont whant a higher heel than 3CM (Prefer 2 / 2,5cm).   Which Boot would you guys recommend me?   This is the model I really want, but since they dont make it anymore Im looking for something closest to it..   (Im a size 40 in Crop Jodhpur, so if anyone is selling these in my size let me know!)
And what about the fit? And what about how they fit compared to the SL10/H?
How does the SL01/H Fit compared to the SL10/H?   And anybody know a good deal on the SL01/H in all white?
@scanner   What about the non zipped version:    http://www.farfetch.com/nl/shopping/women/item10888478.aspx?src=linkshare   What would you think the best alternative would be for it? As JE doesnt make the hoodie without the zipper in the same fit, only oversized etc..
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