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How long did it take to notice how much they've stretched?
Thank you!! looking forward to that.
Interesting that Holts in Vancouver gets JE denim because I think Holts in Toronto (+other stores) has never got any denim which I thought was odd. I'm more of a try before I buy guy when it comes to denim so that's why it bothers me seeing majority of the JE stuff BUT denim.Hopefully I can get some answers @johnelliottco
This is important @JohnElliott
They legit. It's a small high end boutiqe down here in downtown Toronto.
Will revolve clothing get updated with new products anytime soon?
Want to grab my first JE denim from this sale, I'm a 34 185 pounds, do I size down to 31-32??
Are s/s villains lightweight like the Fieg version?
Promo code?
Lol damn what you do with the other ones? Were they all large
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