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Will revolve clothing get updated with new products anytime soon?
Want to grab my first JE denim from this sale, I'm a 34 185 pounds, do I size down to 31-32??
Are s/s villains lightweight like the Fieg version?
Promo code?
Lol damn what you do with the other ones? Were they all large
Prices would be crazy if JE x FOG ever did a collab
Great collection love the jackets a lot especially the bombers 🔥🔥. Don't know if those sweats are co-mix but those are getting copped instantly!!
Are the co-mix tees going to any Canadian stockist? or is it just exclusive to the JE site?
Yikes. Time for me to get a U.S. address
okay cool, thanks! Nice, the closet border to me would be the Niagara Falls one but haven't looked into any of the ship to border services. If any of the Canadians in this thread know of any by Niagara Falls border let me know, thanks!
New Posts  All Forums: