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Haven't been in this thread in a while but Sail Pullover and Siena are 🔥 But seeing that conversion to CAD scared me away lol. Siena without knee distressing would be dope.
Very dope fits brother 🙌🏾, definitely need to see more fit post on here (me included)
I've only got a new arrival email today
Wish they used a shoe that can be worn with the JE look. I have a pair of soldier 10s used only for ball, can't see myself putting them on with my plumas and villain lol.
How long did it take to notice how much they've stretched?
Thank you!! looking forward to that.
Interesting that Holts in Vancouver gets JE denim because I think Holts in Toronto (+other stores) has never got any denim which I thought was odd. I'm more of a try before I buy guy when it comes to denim so that's why it bothers me seeing majority of the JE stuff BUT denim.Hopefully I can get some answers @johnelliottco
This is important @JohnElliott
They legit. It's a small high end boutiqe down here in downtown Toronto.
Will revolve clothing get updated with new products anytime soon?
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