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okay cool, thanks! Nice, the closet border to me would be the Niagara Falls one but haven't looked into any of the ship to border services. If any of the Canadians in this thread know of any by Niagara Falls border let me know, thanks!
Amazing jacket bruh. Question, you wearing the mercer tee under the crew? they tts or size up? Did you use those ship to border services or no? I've never really got the whole proxy thing, care to explain?
Don't know about the other Canadians in this thread, but I never got taxed or hit with anything extra on my JE purchases before the recent shipping change. I just chose the USPS option and everything was good from there, no surprises.
USPS way worked better for me IMO, don't know why it was changed, didn't see nothing wrong with it.Ah well *kanye shrug*
THIS. I decided to pass on this when I seen that was the only shipping option available. I don't why USPS was taken away, all my previous purchases weren't charged any extra fees when it crossed the border, and when it came to my door with the USPS, makes no sense. Gonna wait and hope the Canadian stockist have good discount codes for Friday.
I still haven't got a email for pre sale
You gotta email em, didn't work for me when I put my Canadian address then I emailed them and they said they will ship it to my address. Unfortunately what I wanted sold out smh.
Do they ship to Canada?
Burgundy villain finally came in today, thought the colour would be darker looks really washed out, hopefully it changes. Accidentally ordered my original size (L) cuz I usually size up but I'm very happy with the fit and will keep it.
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