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Can you get more of the NON-silk blend tshirts from john elliot? Its only the silk blend ones on the site.
Do they ship to Canada?
Burgundy villain finally came in today, thought the colour would be darker looks really washed out, hopefully it changes. Accidentally ordered my original size (L) cuz I usually size up but I'm very happy with the fit and will keep it.
Any retailers in Toronto, Ontario sell John Elliott @JohnElliottCo?
Nice fit 👌👌👌👌
Yes! We need this 👆
Does the free shipping code apply to this? And will there be any non silk classic crew/u necks coming in?
Same thing happened to me with UPS smh, 94 COD....haven't been charged with USPS tho
Anyone in Canada order from Revolve? Wanna know if they ship via UPS or USPS.
Lol I don't kno if you've noticed but there's a good amount of pics posted in this group for most of the products that has been released.
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