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  Early 70's Seamaster over my hairless Asian arm ;)
Since moving to LA one of my favorite gems is a Jewish thrift store right across the street from Sony Pictures Entertainment studios...they get amazing donations of vintage tailored suits, though many are orphaned suit jackets.   Here's one such orphan... a vintage Armani suit jacket (70's?) in midnight blue that has a slight texture to it. Made in Italy and $15 IIRC. Personally I'm partial to wider lapels, lower button stance, piped pockets and no vents (I have a large...
Hello gents,   I am looking for some advice. I am a groomsman for my cousin's wedding at the end of the month and am looking for my first pair of proper cap toes, only I would like to choose ones that fit a $300 budget that have a little bit more flair than say, Allen Edmonds Park Avenues. I'm liking this pair of pre-owned Ferragamos on ebay but a bit concerned about the creases. I'd appreciate if any of you could weigh in.   How do you guys feel about the...
I love my beeswax DB's!        I usually will wear them with my jeans which are slim/skinny with a few cuffs. In this pic I cuffed em up a bit more to flaunt the socks my fiancee got me, haha.     Tip: I polish them with the same cleaning balsam that came with my Dr. Martens 1460's and it works wonders. They always look brand new after! (This one:
Thank you kindly Nickels, yes the history is everything. My grandfather was a entrepreneur in fashion back in the 60's/70's, and built a respectable business importing Italian and European brands into Taiwan and wholesaling them to greater Asia. I grew up on stories about him traveling to Paris, Milan and Tokyo for Fashion Week so this watch holds a lot of personal significance. When I received the watch from my mum, the dial was green, muddy and discolored (probably from...
 Thanks for the kind words and warm welcome!  I'm new to collecting watches and admittedly had to Google each of your compliments. There is so much to learn! But, I still am unclear as to the significance of Rolex going Superlative?
Hi all!    First time poster. Thought I'd contribute this vintage Rolex bubbleback I inherited from my deceased grandfather. Had it cleaned and restored. Not the original strap but I quite like the crocodile brown leather replacement he chose. Excuse the Instagram filter.  
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