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  You and I were ogling that flesh out copper task/aged bark chukka in 8 from the first sample sale, right? HMM 
Presumably you mean "without full length sock liners" because if course they have insoles, which are a vital part of the stitch down construction.
  Likely clicked from sections with surface imperfections that prevented use as per normal.
 I'd just call it reverse cordovan, if that's the outside of the boot.
Thank you for the info. I'm in the area and it's good to have a recommendation.
They will go up, but you need to specify a time frame for your question. If they are around in the year 2200 I would guess 3000 World Union Dollars. Will probably bump up 20-30 dollars a year if I had to guess.
 Code didn't work with Rancourt shoes in the US store.
Yes. By size for a last you mean try on what they have and see if it fits then decide what to go with. If you are a funky size maybe they would do a tracing?
IMO it's much easier to use than the marketplace here. Could use search but sorting is so helpful.
Exact same thing here! Grabbed the 2045 natural CXL in 8 in case the copper task chukka buyer wants to trade...
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