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It's a little more than a buck an ounce and the amount they include as a gift is an ounce. Chill, bros.
That's what waxed flesh does
  Let's say everyone who put cash in for the cabourn did that. No one would buy the cabourn and the whatever's kicker that lost could have been made instead of the Cabourn since no one actually wanted it. Thought experiments!
As in the tanning process as in shh
  lol okay
Viberg might be a hair better or the volume Alden does might throw things off. They're probably even. Thicker CXL leads to more break/loose grain. See the Horween screed on CXL where they say any break/loose grain is business as usual.Yo dog, I heard you like leather, so I stuffed leather in your leather so you can boot while you boot.
  I'm explaining how they can charge the amount they do, not how you personally feel about purchasing them.
 Demand, prestige, relative level of competition for streetwear/workwear inspired high end boots vs. dress boots.
Except less salmon colored!
  Yes, you can. At least as of this past June. It was quite a journey to get there, for me.
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