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Also we have no idea what size run this is...
The quarter still encroach too far forward/downward to be balanced looking, to me. They definitely improved the toe shape/volume, though. Not to mention the awful pull strap on the Blake boots.
  I'm interested.
Nope. To not have any other pairs with a similar "issue" I would rate as extremely lucky.
Commonplace for Viberg. If you're uncomfortable with the minor stitching inconsistency I recommend taking advantage of Mr. Porter's excellent return policy.
I appreciate the detail shots.
The sole is not wood, it is leather
 Thursday boots do not look like Vibergs. This is a false comparison. I'm not talking about the shoes lasting 10 years. They look bad after a month of moderate use because they are poor quality: 1 month review, photos
  It's not I who brought the comparison into the thread. I am responding to the comparison. If by "version" you mean as they look when completely new, then perhaps. The quality of the components is poor as shown by a couple reviews and deconstructions. This isn't a class war, these are poor for $200. People should buy Red Wings or Chippewas instead.
Except those boots are trash and have a foam insole. Not even comparable.
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