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 Code didn't work with Rancourt shoes in the US store.
Yes. By size for a last you mean try on what they have and see if it fits then decide what to go with. If you are a funky size maybe they would do a tracing?
IMO it's much easier to use than the marketplace here. Could use search but sorting is so helpful.
Exact same thing here! Grabbed the 2045 natural CXL in 8 in case the copper task chukka buyer wants to trade...
 I feel like I learned a good amount while subscribed to this thread. Cheers, everyone!
Yes they do. I probably should have tried on more but they were already so patient with me.I'm an 8.5D brannock. This is just another data point to add to the massive pile:The 2040 boot I got here last week is an 8 and fits me okay, definitely secure in the heel with no slippage due to the cup and the ball of my foot more or less lines up at the right point. Wearing heavyweight socks is more comfortable. There is some slip in the forefoot when I stride due to the very...
It's a good 45 minute to an hour walk. I took a detour for food and then a longer detour on the way back to stop in at a brewery on Douglas, though. Spend some time exploring Fort St and near the Harbour, as Viberg isn't really near anything cool. Okay I'll stop shitting the thread up with Victoria talk. Feel free to pm me, though.
Enjoy it. It's a bit of a hike from the Harbour if you're hoofing it. Stop at Red Fish, Blue Fish in the Harbour if you can for incredible eats.
Yep. I didn't ask about shell because I don't think they do it for single order and I wasn't interested. They had a bunch of chromexcel, oil tan, reverse kudu and maybe some other stuff. I went with a snuff reverse kudu.
Oh, coolest part was seeing the product development area where they showed me a few evolutions of an upcoming makeup. Also, word is that the stud soles going forward will be solely (eh?) Danite and not Itshide, so there's the one nugget I can provide (but don't hold me to it )
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