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The sole is not wood, it is leather
 Thursday boots do not look like Vibergs. This is a false comparison. I'm not talking about the shoes lasting 10 years. They look bad after a month of moderate use because they are poor quality: 1 month review, photos
  It's not I who brought the comparison into the thread. I am responding to the comparison. If by "version" you mean as they look when completely new, then perhaps. The quality of the components is poor as shown by a couple reviews and deconstructions. This isn't a class war, these are poor for $200. People should buy Red Wings or Chippewas instead.
Except those boots are trash and have a foam insole. Not even comparable.
Aye aye aye
Different pattern, different last, different sole, different number eyelets, different lining, different pulltab, but otherwise...
  And I went Barrie size, so we'll see :)
It's a little more than a buck an ounce and the amount they include as a gift is an ounce. Chill, bros.
That's what waxed flesh does
  Let's say everyone who put cash in for the cabourn did that. No one would buy the cabourn and the whatever's kicker that lost could have been made instead of the Cabourn since no one actually wanted it. Thought experiments!
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