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 I'd be interested in a chukka on copper task smooth out, or some other interesting smooth out (non-cxl)
 I don't blame him for trying to make it work, since it's not as simple as just "buying another pair" from the sample sale (probably won't be available in the make/size he wants, even if so it will likely be purchased in under a minute). I agree that making an ill fitting shoe work isn't for the best, though.
 Actually, this was what I was referring to, not your made up question.
 Discounting all calf and dress shoe leathers, are we?
CXL is not dyed through, which is not a characteristic of "most" leather.
  You and I were ogling that flesh out copper task/aged bark chukka in 8 from the first sample sale, right? HMM 
Presumably you mean "without full length sock liners" because if course they have insoles, which are a vital part of the stitch down construction.
  Likely clicked from sections with surface imperfections that prevented use as per normal.
 I'd just call it reverse cordovan, if that's the outside of the boot.
Thank you for the info. I'm in the area and it's good to have a recommendation.
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