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Small review of the Saphir Greasy Leather Cream product, given to me by Kirby's Hangar Project for review. I used the cream on few different pairs of shoes: two veg tanned cowhide boots, a chromexcel handsewn blucher, and a chromexcel chukka. The cream is a little sticky/tacky when applied, and the cxl pairs more readily absorbed it when applied in thin amounts with a horsehair dauber. All but the chromexcel chukka had previously been treated with other products (Obenauf...
Very nice shoes and boots! Do not use the pull loops on that shell boot, though. Seen too many ripped shell pull loops around here. It's not meant to take that type of force.
 It's not worth dissecting. My apologies to you. On with the thread.
So just being pedantic, then?
No one recommends conditioning the sole
Looks like Horween Loden CXL to me
While there may be a lot of back and forth, I think the thread is still useful to me. I view it as a two steps forward, one step back sort of education. Maybe the right ratio is something like 10 steps forward 9 steps back, but I still feel that knowledge is increasing over the long haul. Many thanks to DWFII at various times for being evenhanded and quasi-moderating.   Edit: and DWFII comes in and Pipps (sic?) me. That guy is everywhere at all times! :)
I find you swearing at another user and telling him he is "on crack" for having a concern about a product "really off-putting."
  Well, that's one opinion.
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