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How misogynistic and stupid of you, Steve.
Reading comprehension...
If you have room in the toe area you can try a small heel pad in the deepest part of the stiff heel cup to cut off some of the shape. If this doesn't give you a good fit you're just out of luck. Nothing is going to break in or soften that hard cup and there's scant leather covering it to mold to your heel. Because of the shape of the heel cup, no 2040 or 110 will fit me, but there is one 2030 size with the heel pad adjustment that works out. Not all styles and brands of...
That sucks and I'm sorry to hear that. I think Cuba waxy is a great leather they work with. An Allan boot or longwing derby in that would be cool.
Can't beat the painted Guidi horsehide boots IMO
Got a feeling the one piece I've been waiting to see another drop on is there. Hope it makes it out alive and to a final online sale?
Top 5 Weird Trickers They Don't Want You To Know!
That would be Rocinante
See Fok? All you gotta do is Antagonize to get what you want.
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