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I haven't got any invoice yet... We'll see, I hope they do!
You're not alone. Honestly, that thought has been bothering me for quite some time. Perhaps I should have sized down by a half size, as well.
Still not sure either if I should go with 7.5 or 8. I tried Alden TruBalance size 8 with medium thick socks and had some room left in the toes.
Will make that to 16 once I get to place my order :).
Those were actually quite (medium) thick socks, not dress socks.
Hi,  Still about sizing. I tried on Alden boots on the TruBalance last and fit well in size 8. However, there was a bit extra room in the toes. The store didn't have a smaller size, so I couldn't check if a 7.5 would fit better. What do you guys say? Go for size 8 or size a half down?
So for a 10.5 inch foot, would you suggest sizing 8.5?
Would like to know sizing on this case as well, I'm in the same boat :).
I will be ordering from Europe, and I'm pretty sure customs will charge. 
I too am interested, but what are the exact differences on the lasts then?
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