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Turn 30 in about 6 months. Next week, I'll have been in a relationship for four years. We have lived together for nearly the whole time because we lived next door to eachothers' apartments when we met. Been putting in 100+ hour weeks at a startup for two years. She's been around through all of it. I make ~750k, she makes ~150k as a pharmacist. She stayed with me when I had nothing. Now she's bad with money, in debt, and I've funded our lifestyle for about a year. She comes...
Any idea what these collars are like sizewise? Maybe a 3.5" point length, 2" height, 6" spread? Can't seem to find or make a good collar that replicates these shirts (or at least the look on a manikin). Would love to find a Luxire substitute.
I do real estate on the side. As long as you can come off as competent (age has no bearing, although its a slight bit tougher to come off as competent when you are young) and you are willing to work, it can be quite lucrative.
You say they are more fun with someone else, but have you even done them by yourself? His advice was dead on. You don't want to do it alone because you are scared.You sound like a little boy. You were talking about your friends not having your back; what exactly have you done to deserve that from these guys? What traits do you bring to the table, as a man? Are you confident? Smart with money? Are you bringing positive energy to the group? To your friends and to women, what...
I didn't want to stat another thread, so I wanted to give it a try in here: Does anyone know of a good web design firm? I love what I see with the WordPress capabilities, but I would like to find a firm who can use it and truly implement good SEO. I don't mind spending up to $8-9k on a good site, I just want something that looks good (i.e. large text is not the title banner) and has damn good SEO. If anyone can point out a good company or even a good webforum with some...
I feel like in the battle of this election, all of one side is completely gone. It will be interesting to see how the republicans will grow back.
I really don't think that's possible in my state...what am I missing?
This was the photo on the ABC news site....anyone else pick up the subliminal message?
All Romney did was rephrase Obama's comments on Iran. But it was good.
He does, but Obama is debating better. He sounds more presidential.(I'm a republican btw)
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