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Sorry about this, I fell a sleep on the couch watching a movie.At 12 hours of hanging the heavy weight socks feel dry inside and out but feel cooler than room temperature.I'd say they are dry but not bone dry, you would need some air movement to get them dry in 6 hours.
If you hang them in front of a fan, no doubt, just hanging I doubt the heavy weights would dry in 6 hours. Now since I moved I just hang them on a rack in the laundry room, over in the corner with not much air movement. Just about to hang some up, if they are dry in 6 hours I'll let you know.
These are beautiful, I think way nicer in person than the pics on the site.Would be nice to have some brown ones.  
I posted some pics on post #799, my camera seem to show more skin than I see. I notice some skin through the socks at the widest part of my foot and my calf for the summer weights. I prefer the thicker socks as they seem to stay up better, after a few wears I have to pull up my summer weights when I get to work, I walk a mile and a half to work. I've had heavier weights almost a year  and they stay up all day. I would think the summer weights would dry over night, if you...
I had a squeaky pair of Ashtons, squeaked from the arch rubbing on the side of the shoe, wore them for a month hoping it would go a way, it did not. I started to research it and there were so many fixes I decided to ask AE what they recommended, before I got off the phone they had emailed me a shipping label and said I needed to send them back, so I did. They do not repair the squeaky shoes so they just sent me a new pair. At first there was no squeak but after one walk to...
What do you wear in the rain?   I walk about 1.5 miles to work, I don't mind wearing my JM in the rain, they look crappy but I don't feel a big loss. I really don't like wearing my AE in the rain, I feel like I'm abusing them. They look crappy until I hit them with some Renovateur then they look good again, but I'm not sure if it is a  good idea to get my Delray's or others wet over and over.   Thanks, Sean
I've not  purchased in the past 6 months, I walk about 1 1/2 miles to work and back, I've not seen any signs of wear on my socks. Only one sock, was a pair of AE that had a hard thread sticking down by the bottom of the laces, when I put my hand in there I was amazed it did not tear up my foot. I returned them for a pair of Delray.
I've not tried Pantherella or Falke, but I have Palatino super fine 920 L which feel the same as the Viccel summer weight.I have several pair of the Heavy Winter Weights and they seem like regular old cotton socks for the weight, like an old pair of boot socks I have from Kmart.I don't have a lot of experience with different socks but the Heavy Winter Weights are by far the heaviest I've seen.If they are to thin, you can always were them in the summer ;)
I've not had any issues with shrinkage. I wash in cold and hang them dry.I've had the opposite experience with some of the super fine, they seem to have stretched out and not stay up as well after 3 or 4 washes.I've got some of the winter weight, going on a year now, and they are just as great now as the first day.
Lasts winter I purchased 14 of the Heavy Winter Weight OTC. I was rather impressed with them so thought I'd get some thinner ones and compare them to my Palatino 920L socks. The Palatino are pretty light so I ordered the Super Fine and the Summer.   The Summer Weight are very similar to the Palatino,.they feel like the same thickness and when you hold them up to the Sun they look to be the same thickness. They are both really soft and feel the same for softness. They are...
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