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Lasts winter I purchased 14 of the Heavy Winter Weight OTC. I was rather impressed with them so thought I'd get some thinner ones and compare them to my Palatino 920L socks. The Palatino are pretty light so I ordered the Super Fine and the Summer.   The Summer Weight are very similar to the Palatino,.they feel like the same thickness and when you hold them up to the Sun they look to be the same thickness. They are both really soft and feel the same for softness. They are...
Its hard to get a decent pic...  
Got my first Driggs yesterday, Blue Hopsack,   WOW... these are great, the pants are awesome I've never seen material like this before. The Driggs fit just like I imaged they would.....Perfect!   Can't wait until next pay day :)
My 2 cents... I've always ordered 32in for dual purpose, I like using my shirts for work and play. Prob I have is just about every time I go take a leak I have to tuck my shirt back in, the backs don't stay when they are this length.   If I pay $150 for a shirt, I want to be able to wear it both at and away from work. Now I'm creating a new wardrobe so I can wear my casual cloths to work and rather enjoy it.
Are these guys still around?   They messed up on charging my order, paypal said they waited to long, so I sent them the money then they charged me again, this tied up $500 on my card for 3 billings. Now they do not respond, no refund and have not sent my order, I've not been able to get any kind of a response for 2 weeks now, they used to always get right back to me in 1-3 days.   Anyone else had any experiences like this?
I've seen a few post of squeaky AE shoes.........   I recently purchased a pair of Ashton which squeaked. I wore them for a month hoping it would go away. After reading all over the internet about guys trying to fix this and only short term fixes.   A few weeks ago, I emailed AE to see what they recommend and they sent me a shipping label to send the shoes back.   I got this from AE this morning..... I apologize as the squeak issue is very difficult to fix. ...
Got my first order, 81 days, these are excellent socks.    
How long does it take to get socks?   I'm in Clarkston Washington, I wanted to try these, I ordered 14 pair on January 19th, they shipped on the 21st, and I've still not gotten them. I sent them an email on Feb 13th, the 15th they replied it takes 2-4 weeks. I'm wondering what kind of turn around times others are getting.
How much do the Chinos shrink?   I bought size 36 8oz canvas to see how they fit and they were a little to big, as I thought they'd be, but had no problems wearing them with a belt, as they would fall down without one when walking.   During the approx. 2 moths it takes to get the custom size I wore my first Chinos all the time as they are my favorite pants. So, now I've washed my 36's 3 or 4 times, today they fit perfect and don't need a belt.   I wash in warm, rinse...
What do you prefer for out doing stuff in the snow?
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