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I think your coat's too short. Looks great otherwise.
A few years ago, I picked up two pair of shoes in the Plaza last, extended combat sole from Alden of Carmel. One pair is in brown calf, which pairs well with khakis, grey dress pants, and jeans. I have gotten great use from them. The other pair has me stumped: black shell cordovan. Any suggestions for pairing them up? Is it possible to have them re-soled to get rid of the extended sole and make them more dress appropriate?
Very trim coat, flat front pants. Not as boxy as the HF Madison; fit is more like a E. Zegna I own. Can't remember what the tag said exactly, except that it was union made in the USA.
These have the Union Made in USA tags, which are identical to those found in my Hickey Freeman suits. Normally tagged at $1200.
Fabric is Ermenegildo Zegna. Who makes 'em?
Try Paul Stuart. www.paulstuart.com
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel Wow, 12 replies and no votes for Bern's in Tampa. You beat me to it. Ambience is awesome and makes it more an event than just dinner. Wine cellar tour is entertaining. The dessert room is great, too. Morton's, WPB is great. Been to Shula's a couple times and Shula's on the Beach. Unfortunately, overrated imo.
Quote: Originally Posted by zjpj83 Honest question - I will start with the assumption, which I think is true at least in the northeast and west coast, that the majority of young people are "left" leaning. My question is why is this so? Hat how come all the college age kids hate republicans? Is it just unthinking idealism that makes them think that the "left" is the right way to go? Does it simply go hand in hand with the youth thinking of...
Quote: Originally Posted by CarllraC Let me make sure I understand. 1) Toss shirts in washer. 2) Hang until they are just damp 3) Iron them Is there a good beginner's guide to ironing anywhere? I can't seem to get the shirt to spread out teh way I want it, and parts like the shoulders and arms are very difficult. I have no problem with the collar, front, or back. Well, except that flap of cloth that goes down the front on the side with the...
Better fabric (2 ply) irons more easily than cheaper fabric. Ironing a shirt is like shaving. It's a skill every man should have. Get a decent iron with good steam output. Don't use starch, use Magic Sizing made by Faultless. It's available at the grocery store. Practice a bit, and you will do a better job than the dry cleaner, and it shouldn't take you more than 5 minutes to iron a shirt. No more creases in barrel cuffs when they are ironed flat. Your...
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