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Glenn Beck is my hero!! Long live Fox News!! Thank God there are people out there that still tell the truth!
Sean Hannity had as his guest last night that communist michael moore, and Hannity put him on the spot by telling him that his accumulated wealth is because of free-market capitalism. He also askeed him to donate 95% of his wealth or he is a hippocrite. moore had no comment, and kept avoiding the issue!
Ridiculous!!! Im going to win the Heisman Trophy award this year, seeing as that you dont have to do jack shit to win an award these days!
Awesome preview!! Can't wait to see it!
Lou Monte Greatest Hits.
Now I've heard everything! A camp where parents want their children to be Godless! Do these lowlife parents know that their children are going to burn in hell? I feel sorry for those kids. Social services should pay a visit to the camp.
No, never have and never will.
NO!!!!! If you can't afford it, too bad. Hit the road jack
Try hanging an old/used wasp nest around your plants and potted trees, that should deter anyone from stealing them.
Thats GOOD news!!
New Posts  All Forums: