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One thing about Udeshi is that he has some rather wonderful runs of old deadstock cloths that he has sourced. Some are lovely and pretty unique. I didin't realise he has a minimum order of 8 on bespoke though:butbut:
Hope you have a great stay, Drakes is a great store and their ties account for about 80% of my collection now. For lovely casual clothing I really recommend Trunk Clothiers in Marylebone. It's a great store run by good people with a real passion for what they sell. Cleverley is a must too. The most beuatiful shoes in London hands down IMO. Food wise there are so many. Barrafina for great tapas on Frith St in Soho. For fine dining I think you have to go some way to beat...
Nice idea, I like both to be honest. The YY look when done well is wonderful and Ivwri seems to have it nailed down here. It looks comfortable and most importantly he looks totally at ease. Shoes aside I really like it. The MC side is what it is. A simple well executed casual summer fit that works. Both work well and both look good. I suspect, or hope, that the examples chosen by Vox will continue to be as good rather than descending into the endless squabbles of late....
Sadly cannot make this due to family commitments. Mark was kind enough to to provide me with a copy at The Armoury trunk show here in London. A really charming film. Good luck with the screening.
Agreed with all of the above. John is a great guy and the shop stocks a wide selection of keenly priced shoes. The Sanders range are great value. They are not going to worry the high end makers but the Bucks and casual boots are great value. I am pretty certain thy also make some of Mark McNairy's shoes for him too.
Rather conservative and hardy sets hearts racing but the single most comfortable last I have ever worn.
I'd agree, with the above Brazil is great for stocking up on sportswear, and naturally beachwear. I have never seen too much tailored wear but then I don't head into the business districts too often. I am looking forward my first visit in a few years next month.
Well they do have different width sizes in the English shoes because I have tried different widths on in the store, I cannot comment about width differences in the Italian range. I will admit I did not bother with the whole laser measuring as I trust my own instincts when trying on shoes and can feel the difference for myself.
I think that Lodger shoes represent a slightly expensive option at full retail. They are however a very well made and finished shoe and don't forget the lasted trees do add to the value. The styling is really a matter of taste as these things always are but good solid well made shoes.
I am a happy Suitsupply customer. Their suits are perfect for my work wardrobe. Don't expect anything amazing at the price but they are reasonably well made and the cuts are not too bad at all. Just need a little tweaking which can all be done in house for little extra cost. I have always found the staff helpful and customer service good. Some are better than others at understanding fit etc. The Vigo St store is a lot better in this regard to the one in Westfield in...
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