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There olive is on the brown side. 
I would go TTS. I tried on most of the outerwear pieces and everything was TTS for me.  
The wool pleated trousers felt pretty solid.  It feels like a thick cotton chino to me. It's suitable for a California winter, but not anything colder than that.
Does Yoox ever lower prices or do they just have promo codes?
Is it bad that I actually emailed them?
hmmm...interesting. I got the same message...
Helped out at an event my local library had a week ago. I was reading to children this time, but the library actually holds other cool events for kids to enjoy. But yeah, it's something I did. Sorry about the blurry pic.  
Speaking of Uniqlo jeans, they have their selvedge line back again. but i have no idea how they are. (i own nothing uniqlo)
Stuff went out so fast. I should have bought the stuff I wanted earlier. Oh well.  Cheers to those who got the good deals. 
I'm really disappointed that I have to let these go because I don't fit them. Comes with extra laces but I lost the dust bag. If you want more pictures, you could probably google image it. Oh, and they're brand new. Only tried on the right shoe.    Here's the description from Acne:   Acne Studios Adrian white is a sleek lace-up sneaker made in Italian leather, built atop a full rubber foxing sole. Clean lines Raw cut leather Bonded calf skin lining Padded around...
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