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Oh damn, sorry for the false alarm! I saw the medalian on the toe and just thought they were yours. Good news is that the medalians look pretty nice.
I think i spy your boots @hurhur. And they look sweeeeeeeet.
Thanks man.I think double leather sole might be standard with Junkard's commando sole, even though they don't specify this. However, I think I've seen some commando soles without the double leather on their IG.
  Full album here: For my MTO I chose: SC2078 which is Junkard's service boot with a brougeless captoe Whiskey Shell Cordovan from Rocado ( "Norwegian Welted" construction (standard is with chain stitching***) Cream thread for norvegese stitching Tripple stitched captoe Leather + Commando Sole Red Lining 3 Speed hooks Eyelets and speed hooks in dark nickel Natural color edge trimming So the pair of SC2078s in...
 Probably locally sourced.  It's really soft and flexes very well, which is good for tongue.  It may be the same leather they use for their pull up boot offerings (there's quite a bit of loose grain).  Thanks!  The only thing "wrong" on the boot is that they used flat stitching on the norvegese construction instead of their standard chain.  However, it was just due to miss communication as Junkard thought I had asked for this.  I looked back at our correspondence and I can...
Yup, it's Rocado's Whiskey shell and the tongue is a medium brown pull up leather. The shell noticibly darkens up when indoors and out of the sunshine. I expect them to definitely age darker after some time and mileage:
Sneak peak. I'll get a full review on here tomorrow.
I'm optimistic about the quality still being pretty good. It seems that most of the criticisms I've seen lately have been about leather quality, but that should only apply to their locally sourced materials and not Horween CXL or Racado shell.
I think there are 2 more reviews on Reddit after the one I posted above. So-so reviews as far as leather quality. One had a lot of loose grain issues out of the box, but Junkard offered the guy an upgrade to Horween CXL for $80 (and he got to keep the original boots too). A pair of Whiskey shell SC2078s was delivered to my house on Thursday, but I'm on vacation until Tuesday. I'll report here with a review as soon as I can.
New review posted on Reddit: Junkard Boots SC2078 RO tan
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