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I'm not sure why they told you that. I asked them yesterday about the 17% discount they advertised on IG and they said that they could only do 10% for shell. If you ordered a pair at full price during their promotion I'd contact them about it.
I just placed an order for SC2078's in shell. Came out to $428 after 10% off + $10 PP fee. These will be my first shell cordovan anythings so I'm really excited as I've wanted a pair for an eternity.
 OK great, thanks for the info.
Yea, contacted them on IG and they said only 10% for Shell Cordovan.
Do any of the options cost extra? I'm looking to get a 2078 whiskey shell with Norwegian welt and quick-lace hooks for the top 3 eyelet pairs.
    Classic Moc 8880s (Bourbon Yuma).  Got them for $90 at a Nordstrom Rack.  Ordered some leather laces to pair up with them as well.
I believe it's from Sartoria Partenopea.   From another thread: http://www.styleforum.net/t/268410/the-official-tweed-appreciation-thread/300#post_4916950
Not sure what my right cuff is doing.
timotune should have at least 1 more vote..for some reason I didn't have him selected when I hit submit  
Thought I'd take a stab:  
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