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I have a similar ratio on a pair of trousers I ordered, which were based on suit trousers I had made for me by a tailor. Worked well for me, but I have, putting it kindly, a prominent rear, which I presume takes up some of that space.
I'd be interested in a Tobacco Vanille decant, thanks
 Ah, fair enough. For my vote, probably the charcoal and blue herringbone OTC and the ribbed OTC socks would suit. 
Hi Jason,   I notice only a few of the socks are available in more than one size on the website. Is this the case, or do you have sizes other than large (i.e. medium) in stock in the ones that don't have that option on the site? 
Hi guys, been lurking here for a long time now, so I thought I'd introduce myself and thank you for all the useful information and advice I have been using.    Thanks to this thread, I now own a number of Henry Carter ties, and a suit from Suit Shop, so thanks to Jason and Rob for those great products. Keep up the good work, and I'll keep coming back!
Whenever I click on a spoiler, it doesn't open, and instead takes me to the top of the page I am viewing. This always happens to me before a page has finished loading, but recently, it has been doing this, even after the page has completely loaded. Using Google Chrome
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